The DamNNation releases music video for the song 'Parasite' Thursday November 26 2020, 11:35 AM
The DamNNation releases music video for the song 'Parasite'

The new Brazilian metal band, The Damnnation, releases another music video, this time, from the track "Parasite". The song is part of the debut EP, entitled 'Parasite', released on November 10 through the label Xaninho Discos. 'Parasite' made its official debut on the Metal Injection website, yesterday afternoon, and brings a new and extremely heavy sound, a different style within the extreme metal being difficult to classify in just one specific genre.

"Earlier this year, they dropped their four-track EP titled Parasite, which conveys a raging fist of old school heavy metal meeting the skull of death/thrash. Imagine the love child of Judas Priest, Megadeth, and Power Trip if you will. We're excited to be premiering their new music video for the EP's title track. "Parasite" embodies the group's ability to evolve aggression into a solid throwback headbanger. Check out the new music video for the song below" - Metal Injection

The EP 'Parasite' is available on all digital platforms and will soon be released on CD.

Listen: The DamNNation - Parasite

The Damnnation is a feminine power trio that presents a versatile sound that mixes several strands of extreme metal. Three insane girls making metal without labels, aware and consistent with themes about depression, injustice and politics. With influences from Testament, Megadeth, Nervosa and Kreator.

The band started after guitarist Renata Petrelli (Marie Dolls, ex-Sinaya) and drummer Cynthia Tsai (Little Room, ex-Sinaya) decided to found a new band in early 2019, where they invited Camis Brandão, (Charlotte Matou um Cara ), to join forces and make a type of metal flexible and more organic, without clinging to stereotypes, putting all the good influences of the group and making new songs, with a unique sound and a lot of personality. With a focus on other projects, Cynthia and Camis leave the band, which now has Aline Dutchi (bassist) and Leonora Mölka (drummer).


1. World’s Curse
2. Apocalypse
3. Parasite
4. Unholy Souldiers

Renata Petrelli (Vocal e Guitarra)
Aline Dutchi(Baixo e Vocal)
Leonora Mölka (Bateria)

Genre:  Thrash Metal / Death Metal

Producer: Rogério Oliveira

Recording, mixing and mastering: Flight Studio
Artwork:  Alcides Burn

Label: Xaninho Discos

Photo: Jéssica Marinho
For more on THE DAMNNATION visit the band's oficial  FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM  an YOUTUBE .


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