Escape Everyday Life With The Star Wars Infused “Lux Et Veritas” From Vis Mystica Tuesday November 24 2020, 1:34 PM
Escape Everyday Life With The Star Wars Infused “Lux Et Veritas” From Vis Mystica

L-R - Devin Dewyer (Vocals), Connor McCray (Guitar, Bass, Orchestration) - Photo Credit - Cody Bucher

Vis Mystica comes from a galaxy far, far away, or at least Pennsylvania, USA. They play Star Wars themed metal designed as escapism from everyday life and transportation into a fantastical world of magical powers and epic stories.

They have a new album coming out in 2021 called “Celestial Wisdom” and listeners can dive into it with the single “Lux Et Veritas” featuring guest vocals from Operus' David Michael Moote. The single comes across as a kind of happy song but the lyrics tell a completely different story. This song is based on the prisoner Daegen Lok, who was exiled for prophesying the coming war between the Rakatans and the people of Tython. The band explains the forthcoming single:

“We were much more confident with this release, due to the refinement of our sound and the astounding vocal talents of David Moote in the pre-chorus and chorus. Definitely, a song that will be very popular live.”

All the lyrics for Vis Mystica thus far have been the band’s retelling of the Dawn of the Jedi comics from Dark Horse Comics. Guitarist Connor McCray is a massive fan of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and its various lore and plans on writing many, many more songs related to this topic. 

Recommended for fans of Rhapsody, Blind Guardian, and Twilight Force, Vis Mystica is adding an epic and bombastic layer to the vivid, expansive world many are familiar with.

“Lux Et Veritas” ft. David Michael Moote (Operus) is available on YouTube , Spotify , Bandcamp , Amazon .

Track Listing:
1. Whispering Winds of Fate (feat. Jonas Heidgert)
2. Legacy of the Builders (feat. David Michael Moote)
3. The Plains of Silence (feat. Jesse Isadore)
4. Lux Et Veritas (feat. David Michael Moote)
5. Beyond the Gates of Fury
6. On The Loose (Saga Cover) - (CD Bonus Track)

Album Band Line Up:
Connor McCray - Guitar, Bass, Orchestration
Devin Dewyer - Vocals
Dillon Trollope - Drums

Live Band Line Up:
Connor McCray - Guitar
Devin Dewyer - Vocals
Jon Juchniewicz - Drums
Ben Juchniewicz - Bass

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