THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR set release date for new EISENWALD album Tuesday March 30 2021, 8:27 PM
THE FLIGHT OF SLEIPNIR set release date for new EISENWALD album

On May 28th internationally,  Eisenwald  is proud to present   The Flight of Sleipnir 's highly anticipated seventh album,  Eventide , on CD and vinyl LP formats.
The Flight of Sleipnir  are one of the metal underground's most unique and consistently compelling bands. Forming in Colorado in 2007, this hydra-headed ensemble has built an always adventurous canon that defies easy categorization but always is in service of The Muse. For them - and, of course, suggested by their moniker itself -   The Flight of Sleipnir 's creation stemmed from a desire to explore ethereal and progressive sounds with themes that reflect upon the rich literature of ancient Scandinavia. On their vast canvas do they paint with tones of doom, prog, black metal, folk, post-rock, and even country; to date, their sonic paintings have been released by such labels as Napalm, Northern Silence, and now   Eisenwald , who released 2017's critically acclaimed  Skadi  and who will endeavor to reissue the band's crucial early work.
But,   The Flight of Sleipnir 's muse is very much of the present, as much as it reverentially draws inspiration from the past: what matters most is that Now, and in this present arrives  Eventide . Arguably the band's starkest and sparsest work to date,  Eventide  is an audial rumination on the vast mysteries of nighttime. Its cover depiction of the stars and nightingale are visual springboards for where   The Flight of Sleipnir  whisk the listener into the sprawling beyond of sleep and darkness, of dreams and impossibility;  Eventide 's artwork suitably keeps apace with the band's continually elegant standards of visual presentation, always delivered by founding drummer/vocalist David Csisely. With the opening notes inviting the listener forward with a brave sense of warmth, the album begins building patient vistas of splendor, tension, and release. Always moving in a most labyrinthine manner,   The Flight of Sleipnir 's strident density is ably balanced by the band's exploration of dynamics, here on  Eventide  allowing for an even-greater emphasis on simmering softness - and the results are beautiful, breathtaking, and absolutely  cathartic . Their ensemble playing is simply astounding: this is the work of a true BAND, of master musicians putting their considerable instrumental expertise to endlessly evocative use in service of The Song...and yes, The Muse.
We sleep, we dream, we exist on another plane of understanding...shadow worlds or alternate realties? And how do we dependably arrive at them?   The Flight of Sleipnir  lead the way with  Eventide .

First track premiere to be revealed shortly. Aforementioned cover art and tracklisting   are as follows:

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