Necralant - Self Titled Debut - Reviewed By Occult Black Metal Zine! Tuesday November 24 2020, 12:12 PM
Necralant - Self Titled Debut - Reviewed By Occult Black Metal Zine!

Necralant - Self Titled Debut - Reviewed By Occult Black Metal Zine! Check it out here at this link:

Necralant are a duo from Worcester, Massachusetts that plays a very old school form of black metal and this is a review of their self titled and self released 2020 album.
 A very fast and raw sound starts off the album along with a great amount of tremolo picking and blast beats. Vocals are mostly grim sounding black metal screams while the music is also very heavily rooted in the 90's era as well as the riffs also adding in a decent amount of melody and all of the musical instruments also have a very powerful sound to them.

Throughout the recording you can also hear a decent mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts while a lot of the music sounds like it could of easily been recorded and released 25 years ago. Some of the riffing also shows a small amount of thrash metal influences as well as the solos and leads also remaining true to an old school yet melodic style and s the album progresses a keyboard instrumental can be heard before returning back to a heavier direction on the remaining songs.

Necralant plays a style of black metal that is very heavily rooted in the 90's era. The production sounds very raw and old school while the lyrics cover blasphemy, anti Christianity, death and darkness themes.

 In my opinion Necralant are a very great sounding old school black metal band and if you are a fan of this musical genre, you should check out this recording. RECOMMENDED TRACKS INCLUDE "In A Grim Time" and "Destruction Ritual".8 out of 10.

Necralant is a True New England Black Metal band from Central, Massachusetts, USA. It was created by teen Nölan Harold in the midst of the cold New England winter months of 2020. All music is masterminded and performed by him, leaving the vocals to be performed by the well-known figure in the New England metal scene, Mictain. Necralant has one studio album to date, their self-titled debut released on October 17th 2020.

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"Necralant" is a raw, winding barrage of blackened hymns for only the truest of metal listeners and the coldest of souls. Prepare to submerse yourself in the soundtrack to Lucifer's unearthly descension, through clouds of crushing overdriven guitars, bombarding drumbeats and shrieking gutteral screams that will haunt the darkest caverns of your nightmares. This is the self-titled debut offering from one of New England's true black metal practitioners: Necralant.

Brought to you by Upside Underground Productions

Released October 17, 2020


Nolan- All Instruments
Mictain- Vocals

All music and lyrics written by Nolan Harold
Mixed, mastered, and produced by Marc Vray Jr. at Upside Underground

Track List:

1. The Reigning Fear 03:03
2. In a Grim Time 03:25
3. Descending To Power 03:00
4. To Dust... 04:28
5. The Firmament 02:40
6. Host For A Black Mass 04:45
7. Destruction Ritual 06:11

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