CARNATION Shares New Guitar Play-Through via Guitar World Tuesday November 24 2020, 10:22 AM
CARNATION Shares New Guitar Play-Through via Guitar World

Guitarists Bert Vervoort and Jonathan Verstrepen of old school death metal revivalists CARNATION have partnered up with Guitar World to share a play-through for the song "Malformed Regrowth," which is taken from their recent opus, 'Where Death Lies.' The clip can be seen at THIS LOCATION .

The duo comments:  "We are very excited to present you our guitar playthrough of 'Malformed Regrowth.' This song was taken from our brand new album called 'Where Death Lies' (out now on Season of Mist) and is a straight-forward no-nonsense Death Metal track! The video was recorded by our very own bassist, Yarne Heylen, at the Project Zero studio, located in Bert’s backyard! We both use handcrafted Cathedral cabinets which give us a unique and warm sound. Bert uses a 'Mayones Regius Gothic 6' powered by an 'EVH 5150' amp and combined with a cheesy-named metal pedal called the ‘Boss Metal Zone.' Jonathan uses a 'Mayones Setius Gothic 6' powered by an 'Peavey 6505' amp. Driven by the most chainsaw sounding pedal, The 'Lone Wolf Audio Left Hand Wrath'. For the lead parts he uses the 'Electro Harmonix Canyon' delay. You will certainly notice the joy we (and our death metal loving studio cat) had while recording this video!"

'Where Death Lies' is out NOW and can be ordered, streamed, and downloaded HERE .

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