Journey Into Darkness - Multitudes Of Emptiness - Reviewed By Full Metal Mayhem! Friday November 20 2020, 9:13 AM
Journey Into Darkness - Multitudes Of Emptiness - Reviewed By Full Metal Mayhem!

Journey Into Darkness - Multitudes Of Emptiness - Reviewed By Full Metal Mayhem! Check it out here at this link:

Release date: July 28, 2020
Other releases by the band: This is their second album.  How did I get to know the band: Once again I got the album on Metal Devastation Radio. I was curious what an album like that sounds like that had been in the making for 24 years. How do I find the record: The album is good, even if it has too many instrumentals for me. But let's listen:

INTO NOTHINGNESS opens the album instrumentally, with a slow track, which in my mind evokes vilder of an old factory or mine in which the workers are still chopping the coal out of the stone by hand.
TO BE HUMAN IS TO BE INHUMAN, on the other hand, step on the accelerator immediately and waste no time with an intro. Here the speed and hardness of Black Metal combine wonderfully with symphonic elements. It is reminiscent of Dimmu Borgir or Carach Angren, although the quality is closer to the latter. The text is a harsh indictment against humanity. I always like that.

PROGRAMMED TO DIE starts with an interesting intro. The drumming runs through large parts of the song, as well as the strings, which probably originated from a synth. Here the pace is reduced a bit. Unfortunately that also takes away a lot of the heaviness and the hateful vocals cannot fill the emptiness that has been created. The text can be summed up in two words: Memento Mori.
DESOLATION is a short instrumental that seems out of place. A harpsichord is simulated, which I normally like, but it doesn't fit here. So let's go ahead and leave the Gameboy music behind.
THE INSIGNISFICANCE OF begins beautifully epic. Slow, hard and big. Later the pace increases and I feel very reminded of Dimmu Borgir. The text illustrates the concept of nihilism. A decent song, but somehow I miss the last kick.

SENDING DEATH also starts epic and here it goes better. Here I really hear a lot of my own from the song. The text should probably offend all believers, which is always a good thing. Why should one praise God for what is good if he is not condemned for what is bad? I leave the answer to this question to the believers. I am enjoying the best song on this album while I am.

INTERGALACTIC SPACE is an instrumental again and here it sounds like the soundtrack of a Si-Fi video game from the late 90s or early 2000s. Not mine, so on to the last song.

MULTITUDES OF EMPTINESS ends the album instrumentally and here it could be the soundtrack of a nasty horror flick. 

Conclusion: too many instrumentals. Unfortunately. The other half can be heard well, but it is not a must. I really think only Sending Death grabbed me. A recommendation for Dimmu Borgir fans, maybe also for one or the other friend of Carach Angren , but not for the Black Metal elitists.

Journey Into Darkness is the solo project of ex-guitarist Brett Clarin from the death metal band Sorrow ( Roadrunner , 1991-1993). The music is a unique style of symphonic black death metal with occasional interludes of dark synth . The music focuses on dark and sinister melodies all while maintaining heaviness and intensity.

The new release “Multitudes of Emptiness” has eight tracks that will leave the listener floating in the vast emptiness of space and existence where nothingness prevails. Four songs are a unique style of symphonic black death metal and three tracks are dark interludes. The final song is a hybrid of the old synth style and the new heavy guitar style, an emotional instrumental that blends heavy doomy guitars with synths and orchestral parts. The lyrics are well thought out and will help draw the listener into the intensity and emotion of the music.
After the Roadrunner death metal purge in the mid 1990s my band, Sorrow, called it quits. Inspired by the intros and interludes on extreme metal albums, I started Journey Into Darkness in the mid 90s as an all synth solo project. After releasing just one album “Life Is a Near Death Experience” the project was put on hold for quite some time. Resurrected in 2018 guitars and vocals were added to give new dimension and depth to the music.

The result is a sound like no other. In keeping with the motivation that gave birth to Journey Into Darkness, all instruments on “Multitudes of Emptiness” are virtual. This allows for extreme flexibility in the sound and the music.

" I have been involved with the death and black metal scene since its inception. Between 1987-1993 I played guitar in the death metal band Sorrow (formerly Apparition) that released two records on Roadrunner. I went on to own a CD/record store and record label (None of the Above) during the 90s. Twenty years have passed, but my passion for extreme music never waned. "

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Journey Into Darkness - Brett

“Multitudes of Emptiness” – scheduled release 7/28/2020

Track List:

1. Into Nothingness (Intro) - 1:29

2. To Be Human Is To Be Inhuman - 4:20

3. Programmed to Die - 4:03

4. Desolation (Interlude) - 2:24

5. The Insignificance Of - 4:03

6. Sending Death – 4:04

7. Intergalactic Space (Interlude) – 2:50

8. Multitudes of Emptiness (Instrumental) – 4:45

All music, lyrics, programming, mixing and mastering by Brett Clarin

Session vocals by Jei Doublerice

Cover art by Johny Prayogi

Logo by Christophe Szpajdel




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