CANNIBAL CORPSE Guitarist JACK OWEN Joins SIX FEET UNDER! Tuesday February 28 2017, 8:54 PM

SIX FEET UNDER, the Florida-based death metal band fronted by ex-CANNIBAL CORPSE singer Chris Barnes, has announced the addition of former CANNIBAL CORPSE and DEICIDE guitarist Jack Owen to the group's ranks.

Barnes comments: "It is with great pleasure that I announce and introduce to you our new second guitarist, Jack Owen.

"As you all know, Jack and I started off together helping form one of the greatest death metal bands of all time.

"Jack and I began talking a few months ago, after his departure from his previous band, about joining forces.

"From my side of things, it's going to be amazing to work with Jack again!! We had some intense adventures, to say the least hahaha... and it's gonna be killer to step on stage with Jack for the first time in over 22 years!!

"Jack will be joining SIX FEET UNDER for the entire cycle of touring for the new album and beyond!

"As you can imagine, SIX FEET UNDER is planning a very exciting live set list for you all to freak out over!!!"

Owen adds: "I'm super excited to work with my metal brother Chris Barnes and the mighty SIX FEET UNDER! We've been talking about writing original material for years, and I hope it gets to that point. It would be amazing. For now, I'm looking forward to touring our asses off. I miss Europe, Canada, South America — hell, I just miss touring! It will be an honor jamming with Chris and his current SIX FEET UNDER lineup of talented musicians...and performing with Chris will be like reliving our youth. I can't wait to see all the SIX FEET UNDER and old-school CANNIBAL CORPSE fans across the globe!"

After Barnes left CANNIBAL CORPSE to form SIX FEET UNDER, he was replaced in the former band by George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher.

SIX FEET UNDER's twelfth studio album, "Torment", wwas released on February 24 via Metal Blade. The disc was brought to life by Barnes with bassist/guitarist Jeff Hughell (BRAIN DRILL) shouldering the load of writing the music, along with heralded drummer Marco Pitruzzella (BRAIN DRILL, ANOMALOUS, SLEEP TERROR).

In case you forgot what happens what Jack Owens sounds like with Chris Barnes....

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