Death Chaos: band officially presents cover and tracklist of the new studio album “Conjuration of the Dead” Monday October 26 2020, 12:00 AM
Death Chaos: band officially presents cover and tracklist of the new studio album “Conjuration of the Dead”

Closer and closer to its release, Death Chaos' new album, "Conjuration of the Dead", is gaining outlines of anxiety and expectation from its fans, which are fed by the band as new and relevant information about the record.
After revealing details about the physical and digital release formats, where the first one will have bonus songs for those who purchase the physical material, Death Chaos' musicians officially present the cover and tracklist for their new studio record.
There will be 14 songs, however, the digital version to be released on the Streming platforms will have only 11 songs, all of which are copyrighted and one of them, “Only Ruins Remais” already available for audition. Another three songs, being "Gory Gods", Resurrection (Chemical Disaster cover) and Scourging at the Pillar (Cianide cover), will be released exclusively for fans who acquire the physical copy.
The art cover, as always, is a brutal and impactful elaboration, which highlights the concept explored in the songs composed by Death Chaos, whose theme is to talk about great villains, serial killers and acts of violence explicit in their music. The person responsible for the elaboration of the art was Jobert Mello from Sledgehammer Graphix.
Check out the cover:


official tracklist:
01 - Intro
02 - Prelude to Evisceration
03 - Utterly Repulsive
04 - Only Ruins Remains
05 - Conjuration of the Dead
06 - The Saw is Family
07 - Inside a Sealed Coffin
08 - When the Lights Go Out
09 - Embodiment of Evil
10 - Escalofrío
11 - Blood-Soaked Tales
12 - Gory Gods (Bonustrack)
13 - Resurrection (Chemical Disaster Cover)
14 - Scourging at the Pillar (Cianide Cover)
The album still has no official release date, but it is known that it is in the final stretch of pre-production and studio recording. Very soon more details will be presented by Death Chaos.
Death Chaos is formed by:
Denir “Deathdealer”: Vocal
Julio Bona: Guitar
Gabriel Maciel: Guitar
Edson “Mamute”: Bass
Ueda: Drums
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