Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe Goes Off On The Chemours Company Dumping Toxins Into the Cape Fear River Wednesday June 28 2017, 5:03 AM
Lamb of God’s Randy Blythe Goes Off On  The Chemours Company Dumping Toxins Into the Cape Fear River

Randy Blythe posted the following message on Instagram almost a week ago.

PLEASE READ & REPOST. I was born in MD, a few miles from the Chesapeake Bay. I grew up in Tidewater, VA & Cape Fear, NC. I’m a coastal native, born & bred. My family lives in Tidewater & Cape Fear. I’m a hardcore surfer, swimmer, fisherman, kayaker, paddle boarder. I wrote my last book in Cape Fear, & those of you here know that I shoot photos in/of the ocean & coastal areas often- water is my life in a visceral way. Now it’s come to light that Chemours, a division of the giant DuPont corp, has been dumping the UNREGULATED toxin Gen X into our water supply, the Cape Fear River (which dumps DIRECTLY into the sea), for AT LEAST 6 years from 100 miles upriver in Fayetteville. Gen X replaced C8/PFOA, a compound used in Teflon until DuPont had to payout millions to residents of Ohio & West Virginia, THE LARGEST SETTLEMENT IN EPA HISTORY- it was discovered C8 caused cancer, birth defects & other problems in area residents- DuPont knew about its toxicity since AT LEAST 1961, but concealed it- this is history, not conspiracy theory. Now Cape Fear folks are extremely alarmed about Gen X in our drinking water, a UNREGULATED toxin that displays a lot of the same properties of C8. At a closed door meeting between Chemours reps & area officials, tap water was provided- Chemours reps declined to drink it. But I have been drinking it- FOR YEARS. My mother & brother have been- FOR YEARS. My other brother, his wife, & my little nephew have been drinking it when they visit Mom- FOR YEARS. We don’t know the long-term effects of Gen X yet, because it’s newer & UNREGULATED. I ordered reverse osmosis filtration systems for my family, the only way to remove Gen X from water. But it’s already in MY FAMILY, & it’s in ME. We don’t know what it will do to us. No one does- adverse effects from toxins often take years to build up & manifest in people. Then what? We sue? Money doesn’t help when you’re dying of cancer. “Only after the last tree’s cut, & the last river poisoned, only after the last fish is caught, will you find that money cannot be eaten”- I adopted that Cree prophecy for lyrics almost 10 years ago. I STILL DON’T WANT TO DRINK POISON. #Leica #CapeFear #chemours

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