Black Passage - “THE VEIL” Featured At Metal2012! Monday October 19 2020, 7:05 PM
Black Passage - “THE VEIL” Featured At Metal2012!

Black Passage - “THE VEIL” Featured At Metal2012! Check it out here at this link:

Based in the Bay Area , CA, Black Passage is a project comprised of a group of up and coming, yet seasoned musicians. Having all members associated with the metal , rock and punk scenes for 10+ years, the group seeks to combine and utilize this cumulative experience to create a distinct yet relatable sound. While the bands songs are primarily written by guitarist Kevin Wilson , each member contributes a unique yet mature facet of Black Passage s sound.With their first release featuring members of Fallujah , Wolf King , Behold the Desecration and Anisoptera , there is no shortage of talent, or musical diversity. It is through this diversity, experience and innovative thinking that has become a staple of the newly formed group and has gained the attention of many even before the release.

Each element of Black Passage is aimed at relating to fans through the darkest points of relation in life, a way to once again reclaim authenticity in the metal community.Citing influences from genres ranging from alternative rock to slamming brutal death metal , the group aims to be an intersection between all things dark, brooding, melodic and heavy. This fresh take on an exhausted market and genre aims to be a revitalized manifestation of metal by fusing the best aspects of the alternative rock , nu-metal , deathcore and even slam genres. An innovative approach on the cesspool that is today’s metal market that is sure to make waves through the incorporation of melody, groove , technical riffing and heavy vocals, Black Passage looks to breathe life into the underground .  

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