Monolith (ZA) release playthrough of "The Abyss" Saturday October 10 2020, 2:34 PM
Monolith (ZA) release playthrough of "The Abyss"

South African death metal band Monolith have released a video of their guitarist Andrew Viviers doing a playthrough of the song "The Abyss". The track is from their critically acclaimed album "The Lord Conspirator" which was released via MMD Records.

The band commented "The Abyss' constitutes one of the most atmospheric tracks on 'The Lord Conspirator', combining both death metal,  black metal, and Middle Eastern elements in equal parts. Physically, this song spans across most of the guitar's range, exploring the full harmonic range of the 7 string guitar."

Watch the video:

Purchase or stream "The Lord Conspirator": lord_conspirator

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