"Best of Black Sabbath" – HOWLING GIANT premiere 'Lord of this World' Thursday October 8 2020, 7:54 PM
"Best of Black Sabbath" – HOWLING GIANT premiere 'Lord of this World'
HOWLING GIANT  have premiered  'Lord of this World'  as the third track taken from the forthcoming MER Redux series installment  "Best of Black Sabbath"  (album info below) via heavy tastemaker blog  Sleeping Village  at: 


Pre-sale link: 

HOWLING GIANT  comment on the track: "Ozzy is the biggest vocal influence for us, blending the clean melodic vocals with heavier pentatonic based riffery, which is one of the core flavors of Howling Giant and directly influenced by Sabbath", writes  drummer and vocalist Zach Wheeler . "Usually, when we do a cover, we like to chop and screw everything from the song form, musical arrangement, and sometimes will even add in our own melodies. We feel that the only reason to do a cover is to make it your own and offer a different experience than the original. When it comes to Black Sabbath, they're so revered within our scene that we decided not to alter the riffs or song form too much. We used our classic HG tone and added some sax on the low end riff to offer a slightly different sound palette. We also recently worked with Ben from All Them Witches on our Ripple Music split album, 'Masamune & Muramasa', so we wanted to get him shredding dual solos with Tom over some extended sections."

HOWLING GIANT  are an up and coming  US stoner doom band  from Nashville, Tennessee. The  trio founded in 2014  has already released three EPs and their debut full-length "The Space Between Worlds" (2019) immediately created a huge buzz around the globe. 
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Tracklist 1. EARTHLESS - Never Say Die
2. CAUSTIC CASANOVA - Wicked World
3. SUMMONER - A National Acrobat
4. BLACK ELECTRIC - Sweet Leaf
5. RWAKE  - The Rwrit
7. YEAR OF THE COBRA  - Planet Caravan
8. HIPPIE DEATH CULT - Fairies Wear Boots
9. LEATHER LUNG - Hole In The Sky
10. MOONER - The Wizard
11. SOLACE - Electric Funeral
12. HOWLING GIANT - Lord of this World
13. ELEPHANT TREE - Paranoid
14. BRUME - Solitude
15. SAINT KARLOFF - Sleeping Village
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In a tumultuous celebration of  BLACK SABBATH's 50th anniversary Magnetic Eye  presents  "Best of Black Sabbath" , a  double-album  featuring  15  heart-stopping renditions of  classic tunes  from  across the discography of the godfathers of metal  by some of the riff-heaviest bands in  today’s stoner doom scene .  
A companion to Vol. 4 [Redux] , " Best of Black Sabbath " features both  faithful takes  and  almost unrecognizable re-creations , all in devotion and tribute to the beloved metal pioneers from Birmingham.  
" Best of Black Sabbath " includes ripping tracks from EARTHLESS, RWAKE, CAUSTIC CASANOVA, HOWLING GIANT, ELEPHANT TREE among many more.

If possible, please use this pre-sale link in your coverage: https://mer.lnk.to/best-of- black-sabbath-redux
Available formats
  Digisleeve CD
► Limited edition bone/red marble vinyl
► Worldwide edition black vinyl

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