JUGGERNAUT: Listen now to the new album “La Bestia” Tuesday January 12 2021, 5:13 PM
JUGGERNAUT: Listen now to the new album “La Bestia”

The wait is over! That's right, you just read, the new album by JUGGERNAUT from Brazil, “La Bestia”, was finally released.

This work is available on the main streaming and download services in the world in partnership with CD Baby, where he joined on 1/10/2021, and can be found by accessing the links below, check out:

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1MhIP6DIo8SGLugv3Wtk4z
Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/br/album/193565492
iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/la-bestia/1544895169
Amazon Music: https://music.amazon.com.br/albums/B08QMTS67Z
Tidal: https://listen.tidal.com/album/166179459
YouTube Music: https://music.youtube.com/browse/MPREb_VulHLiXBT70
Yandex Music: https://music.yandex.com/album/13155201

YouTube: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_lKgRN2h7ChYdfcdxxKdcji_2LqdV2-LXE


Press interested in receiving a complete “La Bestia” for review write to contato@sanguefrioproducoes.com or  WhatsApp/Telegram pelo número +55 (46) 98838-7204 – Sangue Frio Produções – and request the press kit.

Contact for concerts (PRESENTIAL OR LIVE):
Email: juggernautthrashmetal@gmail.com
WhatsApp/Telegram: +55 (46) 98838-7204 - Sangue Frio Produções

Press office contact: www.sanguefrioproducoes.com/contato
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