Anthrax Live At The Forum London 10th Feb 2017 Wednesday February 15 2017, 8:19 AM
DJ Elric
Anthrax Live At The Forum London 10th Feb 2017

I was really looking forward to this one as they were celebrating 30 years since the release of the classic Among The Living album by playing the whole of the album from start to finish.

The show was sold out a week before the gig so had to risk one of those tout ticket websites luckily I didn't have to pay extra.

The first half of the show mixed some old and new material. The show started with A.I.R from the album Spreading The disease. They also played Madhouse and surprisingly Aftershock which I've never heard them play live before. They also played Be All End All from State Of Euphoria album as well as some new songs including Breathing Lightning.

After the interval was the start of one of my favourite albums of all time played in order from start to finish. You know the classics but it was great to hear some songs that they have not played for years or even at all like Skeletons In The Closet, One World, A.D.I and one of my favourites Imitation Of Life. To finish off they played Anti Social as an encore.

What an amazing show Anthrax are always a great live band anyway so I wasn't expecting anything else really. A friend I was with actually see them at the Hammersmith Odeon show in 87 on the ATL tour which was released as a video (lucky bastard). That was the video that got me into the band so amazing to see that 30 years on it still remains classic enough to play the album live. Was a great night

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Gravehuffer Awesome! Glad you got to see this! Thanks for posting. Enjoyed reading it. \m/\m/
7 years ago
DJ Elric Thanks for reading was a great show
7 years ago
Zach Moonshine
THE BEAST thats def my fav album they have ever done not teh only one i love but its the first one i owned on cassette when i was a little kid and i remember every note of every song man my fav track is I am the law soo many heavy riffs man scott ian was a beast on this, very cool you got to see this show elric great post bruthu!
7 years ago
DJ Elric Yeah man great show I was hoping they would do this. They hit the states on March 29th but they don't really go anywhere near you probably Atlanta is the nearest place
7 years ago
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