Hard Rock Hell Metal Festival Birmingham Academy 11th - 12th Feb Tuesday February 21 2017, 11:52 AM
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Hard Rock Hell Metal Festival Birmingham Academy 11th - 12th Feb

After going to see HRH Doom v Stoner for just £10 last year they were offering that event again plus the new HRH Metal for just £20. So two 2 day festivals for just £20 you can't argue with that.

So the first thing we did was visit the legendary Scruffy Murphy's Rock Bar after getting a bit lost and then off to HRH.

Upon arriving at The Birmingham Academy it was more packed than I was expecting, rather like the Sheffield event there were a few stalls selling merch, and a food stall that was quite cheap unlike the beer, but that's just a given now days.

There were 3 stages : Main Arena, Room 2 and The Best Of Brum stage


First band I checked out in Room 2 was RSJ a sludge metalcore band from York and immediately I thought the vocalist sounded like Raging Speedhorn and low and behold the vocalist from RS came on as a guest for the encore. A good way to start the festival.

Next up on the main stage were SENSER a London band potentially a bit out of place mixing Rap with Metal and psychedelics. They were one of the first to do this along with RATM. The first album Stacked up is amazing and they went down pretty well much to the surprise of the band themselves. They were good I've seen them better but a good show.

Sticking to the main stage for the rest of the night, next up were Corby sludgers RAGING SPEEDHORN who are always great live. I've seen them a few times since they have reformed and they always blow the other bands away today is no different. Not surprisingly they use the RSJ singer in place of Frank Regan as he recovers from illness and he does a great job. Smashing through most tunes from the first 2 albums yet again they were great.

Special guests were Huddersfield Thrashers EVILE just straight up classic Thrash Metal from the band that gave it a rebirth back in the early naughties. Did well to continue after the untimely death of their bass player Mike. They tore their way through an hour set of blistering thrash great stuff.

So to day 1 headliners Welsh Reggae Metallers SKINDRED. I have never been a big fan of their music even though they are quite original but what i would say is they are always great to see live and Benji is a great frontman. Always entertaining funny and poignant at the same time. They drew a big crowd bigger than day 2 which surprised me somewhat. A great show though.

We left a little early to beat the crowds because we wanted to get to a new rock bar called The Hammer And The Anvil in the city centre. A fantastic new bar with DJ's a great way to end to day 1 


Day 2 started with surprisingly no hangover so off to pub. This time a lovely Real Ale Pub on the Southside called The Craven Arms. Then Chinatown to eat then shit I guess we should go to the Fest

First band we saw on the Brum Stage were Deathcore band from Coventry GEHTIKA They were all short hair and big beards hipster style. They also had black makeup on and I just knew they were gonna sound the way they did. Having said that they were good. The sort of sound men with awesome beards should be making

So then to the Main Stage to see Nottingham's HELL . A very theatrical frontman with Red Eyes and a crown of thorns at one point he came on in stilts and giant horns to represent a giant devil. They should go full theatrical like Alice Cooper I think although I guess not everyone can afford to do that. A bit on the cheesy side really but good fun

Now if you want a laugh there is no better than Thrash Crossover Band LAWNMOWER DETH from Mansfield. Cheesy but in a different way, more let's have a laugh together while playing great Thrash Punk. There were the usual King Cobs thrown into the crowd and the Deth Shed where A man dressed as a Sheep get's grunged. You always know your gonna smile and be entertained by this band a fun show

So to the headliners of day 2 Germany's SODOM and now we are back to some serious Thrash Metal. Tom Angelripper's voice is still as brutal as ever and the band sound great. They played classics like : Blasphemer, Nuclear Winter, Iron Fist, Bombenhagel, Agent Orange, Remember The Fallen, The Saw Is The Law and so on. A great show then we were back to the Hammer & The Anvil Bar to finish of a fantastic weekend.

So a bargain weekend, would have been nice to have stayed longer in Birmingham. The venue was good had a great sound, staff were good. If there is a decent line up and the ticket is cheap I will go again. Roll on HRH Doom v Stoner

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