RITUAL MASS to release debut EP through CALIGARI - streaming now Wednesday May 13 2020, 4:35 PM
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RITUAL MASS to release debut EP through CALIGARI - streaming now

Today, Caligari Records sets June 19th as the international release date for Ritual Mass' striking debut EP, Abhorred in the Eyes of God, on cassette tape format.

Originally self-released digitally in July 2019 and then pressed on 12" vinyl by Steel & Bone Productions, Ritual Mass' Abhorred in the Eyes of God is a gutsfucking slab of primal, pustulent DEATH FUCKING METAL. No tech, no progression, no normal blastbeats, no real "solos," no progression, no goofy merch - just utter devastation, tonal rape, crushing filth, ignorant stomp, and overwhelming intensity. It's caveman death metal for death metal cavemen, but done with a dangerous zeal that's blanching to behold. Likewise, no particular scene or substyle or "microgenre" is fetishized like so many record-collector-nerd bands; one can detect old Chicago death metal here as easily as equally old UK crust, '90s Finnish gore as 2000s Japanese doom-death. In other words, this Pittsburgh power-trio locate the reptilian part of their brains and unselfconsciously create the kind of death metal they want to hear, and the grand afterbirth vomited forth is this 13-minute EP appropriately titled Abhorred in the Eyes of God. Caligari couldn't be more pleased to unleash this foulness on tape for the first time.

In the meantime, access the reptilian part of your brain by streaming Abhorred in the Eyes of God in full  HERE  at Caligari's Bandcamp, where their tape version can be preordered. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Ritual Mass' Abhorred in the Eyes of God
1. Grievous Sin
2. Seated at the Right Hand of the Lord
3. Servant
4. Devoured


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