Show4me Music Interaction Network opens call for program helping emerging musicians and bands Thursday February 6 2020, 6:54 AM
Show4me Music Interaction Network opens call for program helping emerging musicians and bands

LONDON, Feb. 5, 2020. Show4me Music Interaction Network has launched the selection for its February 2020 leg of Show4me Talent Program that helps emerging musicians and bands organize a solo concert.

The program will help up-and-coming musicians and bands to learn the process of raising funding for concerts from fans and promoting their concert crowdfunding campaigns to reach set goals and hold a show of their own.

Program participants will receive management and marketing support from the Show4me team throughout the process of crowdfunding their show. The full process is detailed in the attached infographic.

Program participants who conduct a successful campaign are eligible to receive $300. Show4me team will also continue to provide consulting and coaching services to the successful program graduates.

Within the program, participating musicians and bands will have a chance to learn to monetize their music and put together risk-free concerts. Concert crowdfunding is one of the tools ensuring one’s music career is sustainable.

The program primarily supports projects by musicians and bands using Show4me.

The program’s soft launch was in November 2019, helping crowdfund concerts all over the world, e.g. in London (UK), Portland (US), Montreal (CA), Madrid (ES), etc.

Concert crowdfunding is a concert funding tool available on Show4me Music Interaction Network . Concert crowdfunding reduces the traditional risks to investing money in concert production and not being sure if enough tickets sell to cover the costs.

To crowdfund their concert, a musician, band or their team create and launch their concert crowdfunding campaign, fans preorder tickets, and the artist only starts show production if and when minimum show budget is met (Confirmation point).

What is Show4me Music Interaction Network?

It’s an all-in-one music-oriented ecosystem for musicians, music lovers and industry professionals.

Show4me offers a mix of tools that allow setting up an uninterrupted music business cycle and consolidating all music activities in a single space: concert crowdfunding for launching gigs and shows, ticket selling, music album pre-sale campaigns, music sales, fan subscription and direct-to-fan interaction. All of this can be done via Show4me Artist club. Through regular interaction with fans, artists can start a dialogue in order to gauge the demand for their music and shows prior to organizing a show or recording an album.  

“As a music interaction network designed to help musicians build their careers, nurture fanbases and get fair rewards for their work, we are incredibly happy to offer this opportunity for up-and-coming musicians and bands to learn the skills they need to advance their music careers and add one more event to their portfolio,” comments Show4me CEO Karén Chiftalaryan.

“Our program helps musicians understand the value of connecting with fans and interacting with them directly, using Show4me tools. Participants will get a chance to learn how to build their music careers in a professional way,” explains Chiftalaryan.

Founded in 2015, Show4me has celebrated its fifth anniversary this January. The company has since raised $13.4M in investments, joined several professional unions, like Music Business Association (US), and got high-profile media mentions, like Forbes , Music Business Worldwide , Digital Music News , and American Songwriter .

Over 7,000 musicians and music industry experts are already using the service.


Show4me Talent Program description and application:

Show4me Talent Program blog post: (short link ).

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