New Promo: FerreTT - Glamdemic - (Glam Metal) - Moribund Rockers Wednesday February 14 2024, 11:03 PM
New Promo: FerreTT - Glamdemic - (Glam Metal) - Moribund Rockers

Release Date: Friday, April 26th

FFO: Ratt, W.A.S.P., L.A. Guns

Location: New York City


FerreTT Unleashes 'Glamdemic': A High-Energy, Sex-Fueled Tribute to Glam Metal Glory

FerreTT, the titans of glam metal hailing from the streets of New York City, are back with a vengeance as they proudly unveil their latest release, 'Glamdemic.' Fueled by the raw energy of the city that never sleeps, FerreTT's 'Glamdemic' is a raucous celebration of all things glam, delivering an explosive mix of drugs, sex, and rock 'n' roll that is sure to set the heavy metal world ablaze.

'Glamdemic' captures the essence of classic glam metal, drawing inspiration from iconic acts such as Ratt, W.A.S.P., and L.A. Guns. With their trademark high-energy performances and mammoth-fun attitude, FerreTT delivers a sleazy yet irresistible collection of hard rock anthems that pay homage to the glory days of 80s metal.

Despite the 'glam' tag, FerreTT's music transcends labels, delivering true rock and rolling heavy metal with a New York twist. From the swaggering riffs of 'Don't Tell Jen' to the anthemic choruses of the 'title track,' 'Glamdemic' is a masterclass in sleaze and excess, capturing the spirit of L.A.'s Decade of Decadence with an unmistakable East Coast flair.

Whether they're taking on Seattle grunge or thrashing their way through horror movie-based standards, FerreTT leaves no stone unturned on 'Glamdemic.' Each track is a fist-banging, sex-and-drug-fueled extravaganza, guaranteed to leave listeners craving more.

With 'Glamdemic,' FerreTT solidifies their place in the upper echelons of hard rock and heavy metal, proving once and for all that they are a force to be reckoned with in the world of glam metal.

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