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    ROSMERTA - Keeper of Excalibur
    ROSMERTA - Keeper of Excalibur Music 00:05:11
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    Sweet Sacrifice πŸ”ͺ Cover
    Sweet Sacrifice πŸ”ͺ Cover
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    Soilent Green "Antioxidant" Metal Blade Records Metal "Antioxidant" from "Inevitable Collapse In the Presence of Conviction".
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    radio fenriz 16 2016 BLACK METAL SPECIAL gylve fenris nagell Black Metal radio fenriz # 16 BLACK METAL FEELING *special broadcast podcast bonus hell* TRACKLIST: 01 MYSTIFIER - an elizabethan devil worshiper's prayer-book BRAZIL 1993 02 BLOD SPILL - phantasm demo '88...
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    KING PARROT - Need No Saviour EARSPLIT AUSTRALIAN FUCK YOUR FACE OFF DEATHGRIND Fresh off an epically successful US journey supporting bong-wielding metal legion, Weedeater, Australia’s favorite thrash grind behemoths, KING PARROT, will drop the maniacal wares of their...
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    Bitch "Riding in Thunder" Metal Blade Records Metal "Riding in Thunder" from the "Be My Slave/Damnation Alley" re-issue.
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    Chris Barnes Introduction Decibel Magazine
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    Valar Morghulis Bloodgod Metal Inspired by George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire, and the tv series Game of Thrones, in particular the mysterious cult of assassins known as the Faceless Men, who worship Death. The song was...
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    Orchid-Lord Of This World - Graves at Sea CVLTNation master of reality Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality (The CVLT Nation Sessions)
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    Kreator "Earth Under The Sword" (dB074) Decibel Magazine Metal Order the Decibel issue containing this KREATOR flexi disc here:
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    Incantation "Degeneration (original by Revenant)" (dB024) Decibel Magazine Extremely Extreme Order the issue of Decibel featuring this Incantation flexi disc here:
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    Behemoth "Chant For Ezkaton 2000 E.V." Metal Blade Records Metal "Chant For Ezkaton 2000" from "Ezkaton".
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    The Gates of Slumber "The Jury" (dB006) Decibel Magazine Extremely Extreme The Jury
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    Hail Of Bullets "Ordered Eastward" Metal Blade Records Metal "Ordered Eastward" from "...Of Frost and War".
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    Deceased "The Luck of the Corpse" (dB023) Decibel Magazine Extremely Extreme Order the Decibel issue featuring this Deceased flexi disc here:
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    Altered Dead - "Marut" Decibel Magazine Metal From the 2016 full-length debut from Altered Dead (from Victoria, BC, Canada). Released on Cavernous Records on August 23rd.
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    RADIO FENRIZ cult metal 2 gylve fenris nagell Metal TRACKLIST: 01 MERLIN excalibur DDR late 80s 02 KIMMO KUUSNIEMI BAND -metallinen satenkaari FIN early 80s 03 BATTALION - thrash attack DEN 86 04 BIEST - motortraum DDR mid 80s? 05 APOLLO RA - ra...
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    Hexenkraft Decibel Magazine Electronic
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    radio fenriz 28 january 2017 gylve fenris nagell Metal TRACKLISTING Radio Fenriz # 28, january 2017 01 ATTACKER – sins of man USA 2016 02 YEAR OF THE COBRA – temple of Apollo USA 2016 03 AUROCH – say nothing CANADA 2016 04 RANGER – speed & violence...
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    Birth Of The Unholy Lamb NECROTION Metal Unholy Black Death!
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    Cult Of Eibon - The Dweller Of The Woods Iron BoneHead Productions Metal taken from the "Lycan TwilightSorcery" 12"MLP/MCD
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    Crimson Caliber - Nuke The Cross (Toxic Holocaust cover) Octave Studios Med Hat Metal The debut EP from Medicine Hat Thrashers Crimson Caliber All songs performed by Crimson Caliber Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by Nathanael Bohnet )Octave Studios Med Hat)
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