The Legend Of Sir Martin
It is early in the 12th century and the crusades are making their way across Europe, meanwhile in a sleepy corner in the south west of England an unknown but very powerful sorcerer has granted a young warrior the gift of Immortality. The young warrior known only as Martin joins the crusades and very quickly rises through the ranks causing chaos to all who stand in his way and leaving a deadly trail of mayhem in his wake. Alongside the battles the tales of legendary parties and alcohol fueled debauchery spread far and wide and not before long the king recalls the young warrior and rewards him with a knighthood. Many centuries later and with no battles to fight the now immortal knight still creates mayhem with the finest selections of heavy metal music heard only on the finest station of them all Metal Devastation Radio. And if you're lucky enough to tune in you might just hear rare recordings of the actual ceremony where a young warrior rose to become Sir Martin o' Mayhem...