Hot Springs, Arkansas   joined January 29, 2017
Front man for Skin Drone and Critical Dismemberment. Solo project: Chasing Sanity. Bluntface Records A&R and promo extraordinaire.
Hey everyone! I am finally back from vacation! I have uploaded 4 new tracks to y profile, 2 from AutomatoN (Nate of Isolated Antagonist) and 2 from Varicella that have rarely been heard! I highly urge you to check them out and support these dudes! More music coming soon along with a few new announcements!
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Hey everyone, I made all the Soundcloud tracks downloadable. I've essentially made the Chasing Sanity Bandcamp page as a place for people to donate, if they are feeling generous. Also, if anyone is on Orfium, let me know. I need to expand my reach on that platform. Happy It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Day!

New solo project jam! The music video was made and produced by myself and the song features Chris of Varicella. Single will be up on Bandcamp later today, ENJOY!
Dislike 0 Grab this album and thank me later. New solo material from the very talented Nate G. of Isolated Antagonist!

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