Hot Springs, Arkansas   joined January 29, 2017
Front man for Skin Drone and Critical Dismemberment. Solo project: Chasing Sanity. Bluntface Records A&R and promo extraordinaire.
Hey everyone! I am finally back from vacation! I have uploaded 4 new tracks to y profile, 2 from AutomatoN (Nate of Isolated Antagonist) and 2 from Varicella that have rarely been heard! I highly urge you to check them out and support these dudes! More music coming soon along with a few new announcements!
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Hey everyone, I made all the Soundcloud tracks downloadable. I've essentially made the Chasing Sanity Bandcamp page as a place for people to donate, if they are feeling generous. Also, if anyone is on Orfium, let me know. I need to expand my reach on that platform. Happy It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Day!
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New solo project jam! The music video was made and produced by myself and the song features Chris of Varicella. Single will be up on Bandcamp later today, ENJOY!
Dislike 0 Grab this album and thank me later. New solo material from the very talented Nate G. of Isolated Antagonist!

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