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Hello, I'm Eric Evil, Tune into my show every saturday from 6 to 8pm Eastern.
Metal Fury Show - New Year New Releases! Monday January 4 2021, 10:00 PM

On this show I will finish playing songs from last year that were on my list of favorites I didn't have time to play last week along with new black metal releases for January! Music by Curse Upon A Prayer, Satanize, Malakhim, Mork, Grabunhold & more!

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Tune in at the top of the hour for kick ass thrashers from Cryptosis, Metal Church, Outliar, WARFECT, Harlott, Testament, Impalers, Warbringer, HEXX - Bay Area Metal, Plague Years, Exodus, Grindpad, HAVOK, Hate Unbound, White Mantis, Methane, Nekrost, Hazzerd, Sarepta, Slayer, Witches, Shrapnel, Paralysis & your requests
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Today is Eric Evil's Birthday
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