New Music: Temple Of The Fuzz Witch Red Tide Interstellar Smoke Records Release: 16 October 2020 Thursday October 8 2020, 5:20 AM
New Music: Temple Of The Fuzz Witch Red Tide Interstellar Smoke Records Release: 16 October 2020

Temple Of The Fuzz Witch will be releasing their sophomore album titled “Red Tide” on (10/16/2020) through Interstellar Smoke Records. Their first self-titled album was released back in March of 2019 and the second album has been in the works before the first self-titled album was even released.

  Remarks from previous works - “Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, TEMPLE OF THE FUZZ WITCH is everything you might imagine that name implies, and then some.”

 (Billy Goat - Doomed & Stoned)

 Bathsheba - Single: “That single opens the album and those already familiar, with both that song and Temple Of The Fuzz Witch will know that they excel in huge doom laden riffs executed with electricity along with trademark hazy vocals. Alongside those huge riffs, the album takes in more stoner-esque grooves and even some funeral doom vibes but they never lose sight of what they want to achieve and that is to knock the listener sideways with the gargantuan sound of their riffs.”

(Outlaws of the Sun)

Red Tide is a departure from the previous sound of the debut self-titled album, Red Tide takes on a different tone, its more melodic, yet heavier in it’s own way that the first debut album. The lyrical content is much more mature and serious on Red Tide. The songs are much more clear and controversial with the message of each song. Each song displays a purpose with a passion behind the. Temple Of The Fuzz Witch seems to have found their own sound rather than fitting into the normal “Doom” lyrical content. The band has branched out and tried new things with Red Tide, yet they still have retained some of the sounds and feeling from the first self-titled album. In closing Red Tide is something worth a spin to listen to, you may be surprised on what you find and feel.

Be sure to stay aware of the release on (10/16/2020) and stay connected!

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