Sweden's LEVIATHAN stream long-awaited new NEBULAR CARCOMA album atInvisibleOranges.com - features member of ARMAGEDDA+++ Tuesday October 6 2020, 12:00 AM
Sweden's LEVIATHAN stream long-awaited new NEBULAR CARCOMA album atInvisibleOranges.com - features member of ARMAGEDDA+++

Today, reanimated Swedish black metal cult  Leviathan  streams the entirety of its LONG-awaited second album,  Förmörkelse , at heavily trafficked web-portal  InvisibleOranges.com . Set for international release on October 12th via  Nebular Carcoma  on vinyl LP format - the cassette tape version will be released earlier by Bile Noire with alternate art -  hear   Leviathan 's  Förmörkelse  in its entirety exclusively   HERE .

One of the most cult names before the term "cult" began being bandied about with reckless abandon,   Leviathan  appeared out of nowhere in 2002 with one album,  Far Beyond the Light , and then disappeared forever. Granted, the man behind this   Leviathan  was no newcomer: one Phycon, who concurrently drummed in Armagedda before their demise and the precursor Volkermord. As such, the breadth of ambition across   Förmörkelse  was startling if not completely unexpected. So pure, so cold, and yet so brimming with lifeless life - an intentional paradox, perhaps - here did Phycon ably bridge the '90s wave of black metal which so informed his youth with the yet-to-burst wave beginning at the dawn of the new millennium. It was an invigorating experience for all who heard it, and has since become a collector's item, released as it was by The Shining's since-closed Selbstmord Services label.

But, just like how  Far Beyond the Light  appeared literally out of nowhere, so, too, does   Leviathan 's comeback with  Förmörkelse . Almost picking up right where the debut album left off, after a tense intro does   Leviathan -the-man waste no time in establishing a splendorously grim atmosphere, roiling with the rippling physicality which so endeared that debut whilst maintaining a perversely invigorating melancholy. Each of the subsequent nine tracks build both with patience and urgency, each deliriously dark texture taking its time to wrap its black leathery wings around the listener. An ages-old sort of melodicism is intertwined throughout, often draped in haunting / shimmering shades of chorus pedal, which works as ghostly counterpoint to the gnashing pulse so central to the   Leviathan  aesthetic. And central to that is Phycon's exquisitely deft and daresay-swinging drum-work, which even shines during the album's moments of restraint and repose, allowing space and shade to work their magick as  Förmörkelse  moves on. And, by record's end, the listener is left with catharsis and climax - so pure, so cold, and yet so vibrant.

Indeed,   Leviathan 's brilliance radiates outward through the ages, across decades, and remains just as vital and timeless as when the band began. If it takes nearly another 20 years for the follow-up to  Förmörkelse , so be it: we are only richer for experiencing Phycon's vision when he so chooses to reveal it.

Fully behold that vision exclusively   HERE , courtesy of InvisibleOranges.com.  Preorder info for the vinyl version can be found   HERE  while preorder info for the tape version can be found   HERE . Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Leviathan (Sweden)'s  Förmörkelse

2. Avgrundens Återsken
3. Förmörkelse
4. Svart
5. Förbannelsen
6. Verklighetens Väv
7. En Tidlös Illvilja
8. Melankolins Ävja
9. Babylons Sand
10. Pestens Sigill

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