Joey Diabolic kicks off horror themed series with "Son Of A 100 Maniacs" Friday October 2 2020, 6:49 PM
Joey Diabolic kicks off horror themed series with "Son Of A 100 Maniacs"

"Son of a Hundred Maniacs" is the first of a 12-part episodic release in tribute to Joey Diabolic's all-time favorite horror film series, A Nightmare On Elm Street. The multi-instrumentalist and composer will put out 1-2 songs per week on YouTube, including both originals and covers.

Diabolic says, "While being influenced by his dominion of horror, this release has a slight deviation to the original overarching storyline of Freddy Krueger... So in that regard, there's also an element of fan-fiction throughout this series."

Watch "Son of a Hundred Maniacs" here:

Below is the complete list tracks in the series:
               01. Son of a 100 Maniacs
               02. Potters Field [Anthrax cover]
               03. Plowed [Sponge cover]
               04. I Am The Shadow in Darkness
               05. Save Yourself [Stabbing Westward cover]
               06. Creature of the Wheel [White Zombie cover]
               07. A Nightmare On Elm Street [Charles Bernstein cover]
               08. Night Crawler [Judas Priest cover]
               09. Nightmare (feat. MaMa Doom) [Tuesday Knight cover]
               10. Surreal Love
               11. Flesh For Fantasy [Billy Idol cover]
               12. As Darkness Embraces Light
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