Among Phantoms - "Memories/Catastrophes" DiGiDi | Release: 1/10/2020 Thursday October 1 2020, 12:00 AM
Among Phantoms - "Memories/Catastrophes" DiGiDi | Release: 1/10/2020

Assembled in 2016 By Lars Raun Petersen (LEVIATHANS OCEAN), Rene Holmboe (ex- BERSÆRK) and then-guitarist Marrtin Rylander, Aarhus saw a new player on the local music scene. The newly formed band eyed hardcore punk and two-step as the center of their musical vision, albeit with a strong focus on melody and big, catchy choruses. Later in 2017 Mads Trebbien (EIGENGRAU, MISOPHONIA, PUPPET ARMS) and James Amstutz joined the band on guitar and bass respectively. The newly completed lineup started writing tracks, drawing inspiration from diverse acts such as Dillinger Escape Plan, Burst, Refused, He Is Legend, Periphery and the like. 
Among Phantoms recorded a self-titled EP in 2018, released this in conjunction with a video for the lead track “Breaking Point”. The EP received critical acclaim and a raid on bar, club and festival stages near and far soon followed, including a warm-up spot for melodic death metal mainstays, Aphyxion. After pummeling live audiences with equal amounts of swing and aggression, the band once again focused their attention on songwriting and commenced planning their debut album for release in Spring 2020. 
In Summer 2019 the band entered Finland Studio to lay down drums with producer Mads Trebbien. Deciding to draw on the readily available “in-house” production skills of guitarist Mads Trebbien, the band proceeded to track vocals, guitars and bass at his home studio. A single release and lyric video - “Breathe You In” - was released in the fall of 2019 as an early warning shot of the new material yet to come. 
During recording Marrtin Rylander chose to leave Among Phantoms and the band was left as a four-piece while finishing up the album. Originally a guitarist, James Amstutz filled the vacant spot and the band tapped local bass player Anders S. Mikkelsen (WRATH OF BELIAL, DEATH COMES PALE) to fill in on low end duties. With a fresh set of ears in their arsenal and once again a solid five-piece, the band eyed album completion with a projected release for spring 2020, only to see the global Covid-19 pandemic push back the release until fall 2020. 
Andreas Linnemann was chosen to master the final product - an album featuring seven tracks written, recorded and mixed by the band with Mads Trebbien controlling the knobs and sliders. The cohesive end-product delivers a mixture of easy-listening ballads, fierce, aggressive two-step bangers, thunderous, grooving head-bobbers, as well as the occasional odd-meter riff to keep even the most experienced rhythm- conscious mosher on their toes.

AMONG PHANTOMS - Red - Official Video from Among Phantoms on Vimeo .

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