Learn how rock music can inspire students in online classes Thursday November 25 2021, 9:54 AM
Learn how rock music can inspire students in online classes

What could put rock music and studying in the same sentence? If it’s not a concerned parent’s complaint about ‘bad influence’, you may have no other guesses. As surprising as it sounds, you can use rock music to facilitate the learning process, remember more and even as case-studies for various subjects. 

Read on and find the best learning-enhancing feature for you in addition to simple joy of a rock fan.

  • Filling the gap of offline noise

Firstly, lets cover the online part. Whether you’ve had distance or blended learning from the start, or you’ve been driven from your campus with pandemic restrictions – in any case you’ve probably understood by now perks and downsides of virtual classes. It’s great in many aspects, and so bleak in many others. 

Self-discipline is hard. Planning your classwork without ordinary routines is close to impossible. Avoiding social media and favorite sofa simply not an option.

“Hello, how can I help?”, your favorite rock band hurries to help. 

Start your day with a great album or legendary playlist to activate all the hidden energy in you. Works as an efficient alarm clock too. You can create tailor-made lists of tracks serving different purposes, moods, and energy levels through your day. Some thrash metal for quick energy boost in the morning, a bit of favorite old-school hits during breakfast and melancholic rock ballads for concentration on your assignments. 

It'd be a lot of fun to have some cool songs on the background during online classes whenever the pause for individual work comes. Of course, if you’d manage to persuade your tutor and classmates in your impeccable taste.

  • Perks of rock music for educational goals

Music can do more than just help you in not falling asleep in the middle of the online lecture. There is actual scientific evidence of benefits the students get from using songs for learning. 

  • musical rhythm enhances concentration and helps to focus on complex tasks
  • listening to song boosts your memory and eases remembering of big amounts of data
  • choosing a playlist for study sessions allows individuals in one group better know one another and start communicating
  • music is as great an icebreaker as one can find – classmates discussing why this or that song is the best or the worst, decoding the actual meaning of the lyrics would warm the team vibe in minutes
  • various instruments, different styles, tiniest variations in vocal tones – music could boost your creativity and inspire for your own artistic expression in your study projects.

If we convinced you, the only thing left is to persuade your study buddies that few Led Zeppelin’s classic hits would guarantee your exam preparation success.

  • Real life practice for any subject

Rock music is a whole separate world with rich history, formal and actual hierarchies, crimes and punishments, as well as cold-hearted pragmatic economy. Take any class from your curricula and you’d be able to find a case to study or use as example for presentation. 

Except for musical education, second best class to benefit from rock music is English. Language, literature, creative writing, poetry. Thousands of rock songs were created for lyrics before the melody and have serious literature value. Bob Dylan getting the Nobel prize confirms it perfectly. Best rock hits have catchy lyrics helping students with other mother tongues to perfect their English.

Variability of rock music gives a cool opportunity to use it in unimaginable ways. The New York Times has developed a serirs of lesson plan on how to use music for teaching writing. For example, they examine the idea to write freely your thoughts and impressions of the songs you’re hearing.

Another great case is an honest story of a teacher who uses punk rock from her teenage years to get to know her students better. In her class kids compare Martin Luther King famous speech to a rap song and analyze rock ballads for romanticized gender inequality.

Moving to harder subject, even such tough cookies as future law students can find their motivation in rock fame halls. The whole music industry is all about copyrights, royalty and elaborated contracts. If you ever heard about Badfinger band, you’d wanted to get back in time and advise these musicians to get a good lawyer or at least read a fine print. Maybe suggest taking law classes in community college between gigs. These guys were called “second Beatles” and had bright future. But their shady manager wanted same just for himself, so he got them signing a very bad contract. And took most of their money for successful albums and tours. Poor talented band members just never look closely at their books and contracts. Take this story to anyone doubting the point of having a law degree.

In any case, every kind of learning would go smoother when you’re feeling content and inspired. What’s better to inspire you than great playlist of favorite rock hits? Consider the benefits we’ve described in this article whenever you’re facing a tough assignment or a hard exam week. Prep time would bring more satisfying results with rock legends standing behind you.

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