Behemoth - And The Forests Dream Eternally Tuesday September 29 2020, 6:36 PM
Behemoth - And The Forests Dream Eternally

In case you missed the news amongst the aftermath of In Absentia Dei, we have just in these past few days reissued our debut EP   And The Forests Dream Eternally .

We originally released the EP in 1995, and alongside our sisters and brothers at Metal Blade felt that the time was right to revisit that moment in our history.

It's therefore our pleasure to present to you the reissued release as both a double LP and 2CD Mediabook, both containing bonus vintage audio material and exclusive archival content.

The   gatefold 2LP vinyl   reissue is available in a choice of colours, some available globally and some only from certain stores. Disc 1 contains the EP and disc 2 bonus vintage material. The accompanying 24 page booklet includes lyrics, old photos, old flyers, old interviews from magazines, liner notes from bands around the world, interviews with two Behemoth founding members (Nergal and Baal), interview with the owner of Entropy Records (our original label in 1995), J-cards of rare rehearsal from 1993 (given only to close friends at the time - features some songs from And the Forests Dream Eternally), scans of old signatures and descriptions from old photos.

The   2CD Mediabook   contains the same material, but comes with a 40 page booklet.


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