IMPERIAL AGE RELEASE NEW LIVE DVD Tuesday September 29 2020, 5:38 PM

LIVE ON EARTH - The Online Lockdown Concert is the new DVD of Russian symphonic metal band IMPERIAL AGE which was recorded during quarantine on 25th April 2020.

“In April 2020 Planet Earth looked grim...” – write the band on their official FB page – “The entire civilized world was paralyzed by an unprecedented wave of fear. People were imprisoned inside their homes, needing special permission for so much as to stick their noses outdoors. The strongest economies were hitting all-time lows, and the live music industry collapsed entirely: all concerts were cancelled, venues and promoters were going bankrupt and well-established bands were launching crowdfunding campaigns asking their fans to help them out of debt…”

Despite all the circumstances IMPERIAL AGE was one of the first bands who managed to stream their online show from locked-down Moscow, which was watched by 14,000 people on YouTube and 24,000 on Facebook and brought a huge success to the band.

Finally, IMPERIAL AGE are ready to introduce the DVD with their legendary show.

 LIVE ON EARTH - The Online Lockdown Concert will be released on 23rd October 2020 and will include 19 tracks plus all the questions and answers with the fans in between the songs, together with the behind-the-scenes Making Of film.

LIVE ON EARTH will be available in the following formats: DVD, CD, Digital Download, and on all audio streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.)

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