Blackfinger – ‘When Colors Fade Away’ New Video Tuesday August 8 2017, 7:24 PM
Blackfinger – ‘When Colors Fade Away’ New Video

With such an evocative opening line as “Let us now pretend I’m already dead,” delivered by the rich and sonorous voice of Eric Wagner, you’ll have no choice but to let go and just sink into this song.

Now relocated to Pittsburgh, and featuring Matthew Cross on bass, David Snyder on drums, and Matthew Tuite (ex-Penance) and Terry Weston (Dream Death, Penance) on guitars, Blackfinger are poised to release the doom album of the year.

“After I finished the first Blackfinger record and actually sat back and listened to it, it dawned upon me that ‘When Colors Fade Away’ would be a great title and concept for the next one,” recalls frontman Eric Wagner. “Of course I didn’t know there would be one but I always hope. A common thread throughout that album was the different feelings of what colors meant to me. I wondered what would happen if all the colors were gone? What would life be like without colors? I also wanted to clear up some of the misconceptions of what we are taught throughout our lives, most of which seems unrealistic to me and only serves to better the collection plate. When I first saw the lyric video for ‘When Colors Fade Away’ I was totally fuckin’ blown away. I was not expecting it… it was perfect… like the dude read my mind. It is in my opinion thee best lyric video I have ever seen… I love it.” Via Decibel


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