OUT TODAY! Triumph - "Edict of iron ascendancy" Thursday December 31 2020, 2:05 PM
OUT TODAY! Triumph - "Edict of iron ascendancy"

Label: Inhuman assault productions

"Triumph was founded by Immolater in the Fall of 2019 & resides in Reno,NV United States. I chose the band name because it was the most fitting name musically & lyrically. After being involved in many different projects over the previous decade, it became clear to me that going solo was the right direction to go. I felt a strong impulse for total creative control of the music. Although working with different band members was very beneficial to me as far as sharpening my playing and getting experience on stage and in the studio goes, I found the absolute freedom of solo writing to be extremely rewarding. I had taken all the knowledge of recording, equipment, playing techniques, & philosophies attained over the previous 10 years & poured it into this new entity. Having a one man band has been a dream of mine ever since I first started listening to black/death metal. I have a lot of respect for musicians who do everything themselves, there is great honor in that to me. Since I felt my drumming was in the peak of my career, I knew now was the time to attack. Another benefit of going solo is not having to worry about band members quitting on you which was always an issue in the past. Since I don’t have this issue with Triumph I plan on keeping it active for a very long time. A second full length album is currently in the works. There are more distractions nowadays then ever before, especially since we are now in the age of artificial intelligence. My only goal as a band is to rise above these outside distractions and weaknesses & be a true force of nature. Something so invincible that no one can deny its power. Triumph is the total extermination of modernity... The catharsis of enslavement... The rejection of weakness... & The absolute annihilation of falsehood. Loyalty to self eternally above all others..."

1.Abolishment Rites 
2.Filth Immolation 
3.Imperious Might 
4.Survial Oath 
5.Iron Ascendancy 
6.Scorn Subjugation 
7.Armored Intransigence 
8.Genocide Command 

Immolater - All instruments/Vocals


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