ANARCHOS / MORBID STENCH: new promo materials from BLOOD HARVEST Thursday September 24 2020, 12:00 AM
ANARCHOS / MORBID STENCH: new promo materials from BLOOD HARVEST

LOOD HARVEST RECORDS is proud to present  Ghospels of Necromancy , a special split EP between ANARCHOS and MORBID STENCH, on 7" vinyl format.

Quick and sick,  Ghospels of Necromancy  is aptly titled. ANARCHOS should need no introduction to those following the devilish deeds of BLOOD HARVEST, for the label released the band's celebrated debut album,  Invocation of Moribund Spirits , in late 2017. Here, the Dutch quartet unload two tracks of prime filth 'n' darkness, each exquisitely gutted, and sparing no small amount of urgency. If ANARCHOS offer all-caps DEATH METAL, then they're well paired with MORBID STENCH, a stronghold of El Salvadoran extreme metal. Fresh from their cult  Doom & Putrefaction  debut LP last year, the power-trio of MORBID STENCH indeed offer yet more doom & putrefaction with one world-eating track that's equally filthy and dark but differently so.

Beware ANARCHOS and MORBID STENCH, for they bring you  Ghospels of Necromancy !

Preorder info can be found  HERE .

1. ANARCHOS - Grotesque Perversity
2. ANARCHOS - Tortured Souls
3. MORBID STENCH - Brethren Accuser 


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