The Myopia Condition Enter The Ring With Negative Thoughts Through New Single “Fighting Fables” Thursday September 24 2020, 5:51 PM
The Myopia Condition Enter The Ring With Negative Thoughts Through New Single “Fighting Fables”

L-R - Craig MacKenzie - Guitar, Josh Gould - Guitar/Vocals, Josiah Dyck - Vocals, Robert Fearey - Bass, Vocals, Greg Glenn - Drums
Photo Credit: Robert Fearey    

Canada’s   The Myopia Condition   recently announced their debut album   “Event Horizon”   and now the second single   “Fighting Fables”   is out and ready for ears.

The single faces the all too common feeling of self-doubt and fighting the negative voices in your head that intend to drag you down. These negative thoughts are just fables, and this song is the anthem for confronting them and emerging victorious.

“Fighting Fables”   was the first song the band started playing together and it’s chock full of raw intensity. The riffs in the song have a beautiful use of dissonance that captivate the minds of listeners and the drums are some of the most intense blast beat spots on the record. The band comments on the single: 

“This song was the first song we ever wrote and played together, it made us realize that we had a great vibe together as a band immediately. Right off the hop, it starts out pretty fast and in your face, and continues to build into dissonant rage guitar-wise that reflects the message in the lyrics. Fables is a crowd favourite that showcases our great energy as a band, feeding off each other on stage and it quite often ends the set.”

Intense and intimidating, this song will have you hitting repeat just like the others on   “Event Horizon” . Recommended for fans of Death, Gojira, and Beyond Creation this is music to rage to.

“Fighting Fables”   can be heard via its premiere on   TheCirclePit   HERE .

“Event Horizon”   will be available on October 16th, 2020.

“Separation From Classification”   can be heard   HERE

Track Listing:
1. Event Horizon (1:01)
2. Separation From Classification
3. Brainwashed (3:08)
4. AfterLife (2:57)
5. Walk Me Home (2:45)
6. Song 9000 (3:28)
7. Empty Room (2:50)
8. Rotting Soul (3:05)
9. Fighting Fables (4:26)
Album Length: 23:43

Album Band Line Up:
Josh Gould – Guitars/Vocals
David Luchenski  – Lead Guitars
Rob Fearey – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Josiah Dyck – Lead Vocals
Greg Glenn – Drums

Live Band Line Up:
Josh Gould – Guitars/Vocals
Craig MacKenzie – Guitars
Rob Fearey – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Josiah Dyck – Lead Vocals
Greg Glenn – Drums

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Through a will to create pure rhythmic brilliant chaos, came a manifestation of power and heaviness from the west Canadian prairies.  The Myopia Condition was created.

It started with a melding of minds between Josh Gould (guitars) and Greg Glenn (drums). Immediately they went to work toying with ideas that had been in Josh’s head for some time. They soon brought in Robert Fearey (big guitars) and the chemistry was immediately noticed. On vocals is the gritty powerhouse Josiah Dyck and finishing off the five-piece on guitars is shred-meister Craig Mackenzie.  The vibe between the boys is vastly apparent. They have found a groove to exploit and continue to refine their sound.

Hailing from Sh-Red Deer, Alberta The Myopia Condition has a sound that combines crushing rhythmic grooves, devastating breakdowns, and ballsy in the pocket riffage. Their influences range from Periphery and Meshuggah to Lamb of God and Oh Sleeper.

In 2018 The Myopia Condition made its way to the Canadian Wacken Metal battle finals which goes to show the hard work and passion these boys put into their music and their stage performance.

The boys have made appearances at festivals such as Armstrong Metalfest and Loud As Hell, and continue to hone their Djent-Core sound. Their debut eight-song album “Event Horizon” is being released on October 16, 2020.


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