PRESS RELEASE: Rylos - Black Liquid Fixation Thursday September 17 2020, 5:28 AM
PRESS RELEASE: Rylos - Black Liquid Fixation

Carrot-rock band Rylos raises their fists up again and releases a second single, “Black Liquid Fixation,” from the upcoming "Solarworks 2" album. Black Liquid Fixation talks about the challenges posed by addiction and how a person slides far away on a mental level as the situation goes very bad.


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The band's singer Mikko Heino says: "We've made songs on this subject before also, for example the album Game Theory has a song Heroes where a person overcomes substance abuse and can change the direction of life, but Black Liquid Fixation shows the other side in this subject. Where things don't end well ..."
The album "Solarworks 2" will be released in October 2020 and will be released by Secret Entertainment.
Rylos: Black Liquid Fixation
Rylos was founded in 2013 and has released albums
(Game Theory) 2016,
(Planet) 2017,
(Solarworks 1 ) 2018,
(Solarworks 2 ) 2020.
The Solarworks saga has been made together with Mikko Hämäläinen, who is responsible for the story and he has a big role for the songs.

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