Black Tomb by Black Tomb Friday February 24 2017, 5:34 PM
Black Tomb by Black Tomb

"Imagine if you crossed Graves at Sea with Electric Wizard and Cough, and then gave the resulting demonic creature a huge bong load – that might begin to describe this band’s sound. I’m so fucking impressed with their self-titled debut that I can’t stop listening to it. I know that Black Tomb is special and are going to be mammoth in no time, because they are just that fucking good!" - Cvlt Nation

"Black Tomb will bring the darkness out of you. The mind can’t help but get lost in powerful riffs drenched in the fumes of hatred and despair...This album is going to be a staple for your record collection." - The Sludgelord

"It's an album built on the foundation of nightmares as the atmosphere is bleak from the start. Fans Of Cough and Electric Wizard will find much to enjoy... With Halloween just around the corner, Black Tomb have released the perfect soundtrack for you to lose yourself in." - Outlaws of the Sun

"Drenched in bloodcurdling sonic hatred...They dredge the depths of your being with their fuzzened riffs and bone crunching, rupturing rhythms so be forewarned, this album is not to be taken lightly." - Metal Nexus

"It’s a bit like a swamp of tar, while the forest is burning brightly orangy around you and everything is turning to shit... Every riff sounds like if you could touch it, you’d want to wash your hands after. Slow, sticky and oh so pitch black, this is not the record to listen to when you’re already down and depressed. The irony is that the band included knives in the special editions…" - Stranger Aeons

"Imagine yourself on your deathbed, disappointed, without any perspective and completely abandoned. If that moment needed a soundtrack, then Black Tomb would be the perfect choice. An eerie sound, dense and harrowing, where hope is for the outside." - Metal Na Lata

"Black Tomb puts everything in this record that you would hope to hear. Groove laden and fuzzed out riffs, heavy bass lines, solid drumming, poison laced vocals and an atmosphere that could choke a horse." - Cadaver Garden

"Always full of great and heavy riffs, some in a more psychedelic tone satisfactorily measured in a dark fuzz, the incessant vocal following chanting in a horror tone and continuous agony, while the rest of the instruments remains firm and solid." - Doombringer

"Black Tomb’s shining reputation is preceding their embryonic lineage. This is by no means a shocking revelation considering the shin splinting, Electric Wizard wrestling weight of their debut; eight fuzz blown ruptures of glassy screams, adept percussion and hella noise." - Crack Magazine

"Raw, filthy, and ugly as fuck...Overall, this is a killer album and should not be missed." - Dead Pulpit

"Dark, driving, evil…." - Midnight Madness


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