Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) Picks Up Eric Zayne's New Song, "Coming Undone", to Lead his Under Armour Campaign! Tuesday September 15 2020, 12:00 AM
Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) Picks Up Eric Zayne's New Song, "Coming Undone", to Lead his Under Armour Campaign!

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Eric Zayne’s new single “Coming Undone” has been selected by Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” as the lead song for his new clothing collaboration with Under Armour #ProjectRock and is quickly gaining momentum on Spotify.

The song was produced, performed and written by Zayne alongside close friends and co-writers, Naz Tokio and Lauren Hashian.

“I am a refuge kid. I represent the displaced people who feel like they don't belong. Being a child of war from the Congo evacuated at the age of 12 without my family left me to raise myself. I learned my strength in do or die scenarios, but I also picked up a lot of demons. I was lucky enough to find music early on and ride its wings performing all over the world which includes Asia, Europe, Canada and the US, all since I was 15 years old. I’m driven by the belief that we are all individually special and have our path to walk. I hope to bring some light to those who need it” says Eric Zayne.

LA based ERIC ZAYNE has managed to create a sound of his own by mixing hip hop, rock and pop. Eric Zayne has been growing his name in the music scene by becoming an in-demand producer, having won the 2019 Hollywood Music Awards for his songs with Jeremy Renner that also became the theme for the Summer of Jeep. He has produced and worked with many names like Matisyahu, Jordan Sparks, Dallas Austin, Cee Lo Green, Randy Jackson, Richard Marks, Melody Thorton from Pussycat Dolls, 21 Pilots, BTS and many more. His ability to work on various and diverse projects promoted him to be a trusted ear in the LA music scene. Eric Zayne has been obsessed with music since the day he was touched by it. “I was walking by a construction sight, and instead of hearing the ruckus of the machines, I heard symphonies. I started looking for speakers everywhere because it sounded like it was playing outside of me, but after walking away from it, it was still there. I could “hear” music inside of me. Since then I couldn’t stop. I had to express everything that I heard.” With an album completely finished and a lot of label interest, Eric feels now is the perfect time to launch his new material and plans to release singles one after another to spread his music.

"Coming Undone"

Every day is A war,

With the ghost in my brain,

Pullin me in All directions,

Wonder What mistake I’ll make,

Tried living right,

Always doin wrong,

Awaiting my redemption,

Oh But it’s been so long,

call up the reverend

Cause I need to pray

its hell or heaven

can I still

Can I still be saved

In the middle the night

when my demons they call

Pour a drink for my old friends

before we burn it all


When I go down in flames

Its a dangerous game

Let them call me insane

If they call me insane

till i hit judgment day

I’m coming undone

Pretty little fire starter,

Come on let me in,

Shes got a way with men,

Like a match to your bare skin,

Love the temptation,

Lure you every time,

Moth to the flame

can’t look away till i get mine

Asking for trouble

I’ll be your pray

Make it a double

drink me down till I fade away

In the middle the night

whenever she calls

Its wrong but feels so right

and I dont care at all

When I go down in flames

you’ll remember my name

When the call me insane

Till I hit judgment day

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