Sleeping Village Records to release doom compilation Tuesday September 15 2020, 12:00 AM
Sleeping Village Records to release doom compilation

SLEEPING VILLAGE RECORD’s inaugural release is a compilation of 10 previously released underground stoner doom tracks, curated--as always--by a highfalutin peasantry.   Sleeping Village Caravan of Doom (Vol. 1 ) is an exhibition of like-minded tracks that balance sludgy heft with an earthy stoner atmosphere. These are songs that would feel at home in the midst of a bog or mire, and we’ve brought them together, drenched in murk and algae, for your gloomy enjoyment.

Rather than simply throwing as many artists as possible into the doomy stew, this compilation seeks to bring together and showcase 10 uniquely stellar bands that compliment each other sonically and aesthetically. While the runtime clocks in at a hefty hour and a half, the roster remains slim so that each band has appropriate time to shine.

Sleeping Village Caravan of Doom   (Vol. 1) will be released digitally and available for NYOP on October 2nd, with a preorder currently live for the measly sum of $1. All proceeds from this project will be split evenly between the bands and the label, with any of the Sleeping Village’s cut going to fund further compilations (or a possible physical release!)

“Caravan of Doom is non-stop heaviness from start to finish, with just the right blend of the different sounds of doom to keep your interest high and your head nodding for an hour and a half. Killer stuff!”   -   Fuzzy Cracklins Presents


TRACKLIST as follows. Links to artist’s bandcamp pages.


  1. Fostermother   - Destroyers

  2. Dizygote   - Children of Talos 

  3. Doomfall   - Why Fear the Godless

  4. earthdiver   - Blood Moon 

  5. Green Hog Band   - Machine

  6. Old Horn Tooth   - Old Horn Tooth

  7. Stonus   - Mania 

  8. Jointhugger   - I Am No One 

  9. Black Road   - Radiation 

  10. Bog Wizard   - Swamp Golem








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