SpellBook Streaming New Song: "Not Long For This World" Sunday September 6 2020, 1:21 PM
SpellBook Streaming New Song: "Not Long For This World"

York (PA) - Vintage proto-metal purveyors SpellBook have released a new song from forthcoming debut album Magick & Michief. Stream the epic track "Not Long For This World" HERE!


Cruz Del Sur Music will release Magick & Mischief September 25 on CD, vinyl, and digital formats. Formerly known as Witch Hazel, SpellBook marries Black Sabbath, Pentagram and progressive rock for seven songs of entrancing classic metal!


CD: tinyurl.com/y8jblwc9

LP: tinyurl.com/yaawkc4o

Bandcamp: spellbookband.bandcamp.com/album/magick-mischief

"The whole album has a feel of 70s heavy metal, while being a modern Heavy Metal classic." (5/5)
- Breaking Necks Metal Blog

"A stunning blend of 70’s hard rock, Sabbath’s influences, progressive vibes and classic metal. Brilliant album."
- HardRockHeavyMetal

"An enjoyable listen filled with everything you could want from classic metal/rock and roll."
- Grater

"Fans of classic rock and proto doom will love this album, with each listen ‘Magick…’ becomes more spellbinding and many doom bands could learn a thing or two from this release."
- Metalheads Forever

"Magick & Mischief is like a trip back in time, with the heaviness cranked up a couple of notches. It you're into '70s hard rock and metal like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple—among others—then Magick & Mischief is pretty much guaranteed to be for you." (4.3/5)
- The Metal Crypt

During the writing process for what would eventually become Magick & Mischief, the members of York, Pennsylvania vintage proto-metal purveyors Witch Hazel realized there was no better time than the present to change their name. The idea had long rested on their mind, but the risks in changing a band’s name are numerous, if not painfully obvious. After all, since their 2007 formation, Witch Hazel independently released three studio albums, Forsaken Remedies (2012), Nocturnity (2015) and Otherwordly (2018), and had already generated buzz in the doom metal underground. But, with the confidence that the material they created for Magick & Mischief was the strongest of their career, Witch Hazel reached back into their past for the song “The Spellbook” from Forsaken Remedies and rebranded themselves SpellBook. Soon, a deal with Cruz Del Sur Music was signed, and the band started a new chapter that begins with the release of Magick & Mischief.

Recorded in May 2019 at Developing Nations with Kevin Bernsten, Magick & Mischief is the embodiment of a band going further than before, honing in on their obvious strengths as songwriters while exploring new territory in the sprawling classic metal and vintage heavy rock landscape. SpellBook, who feature vocalist Nate Tyson, drummer Nicholas Zinn, guitarist Andy Craven and bassist Seibert Lowe, followed a fairly simple approach when writing the album: There is no formula. There are no rules. Write what feels good. The best songs win. As a result, Magick & Mischief is a varied, adventurous body of work, reeling in Iron Maiden and proto-metal vibes on “Wands to the Sky” and “Ominous Skies,” an epic concept piece in the form of “Dead Detectives,” which appropriately recalls Alice Cooper at his theatrical peak, along with regular crowd-pleaser “Amulet,” which the band honed in the live arena before committing it to tape. Elsewhere, doom, acoustic guitars and sterling lead vocal work from Tyson are interwoven with ease, all the while staying true to SpellBook’s impeccable list of influences of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Thin Lizzy, Blue Oyster Cult, Kiss and Pentagram.

The album artwork was created by Chad Keith, who dutifully melded each of Magick & Mischief’'s songs in visual form to comprise the cover. It’s a fitting representation of an album that puts a fresh twist on a classic style.

Track Listing:

LP version:

1. Wands to the Sky
2. Black Shadow
3. Ominous Skies
4. Not Long for This World
5. Motorcade
6. Amulet (Single Version)
7. Dead Detectives

CD version:

1. Wands to the Sky
2. Black Shadow
3. Ominous Skies
4. Not Long for This World
5. Motorcade
 6. Amulet/Fare Thee Well
 7. Dead Detectives


Nate Tyson - Vocals
 Andy Craven - Guitar
 Selbert Lowe Jr- Bass
 Nicholas Zinn- Drums


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