Hatefulmurder New Video (The Philosopher) Featured In Bathory'Zine! Sunday September 6 2020, 1:14 PM
Hatefulmurder New Video (The Philosopher) Featured In Bathory'Zine!

Hatefulmurder recently did a cover of Death's classic "The Philosopher" The video is now being streamed at Bathory'Zine's website! Check it out by visiting this link here: https://www.bathoryzine.com/2020/09/hatefulmurder-reborn-thrash-metal.html?spref=fb&fbclid=IwAR0qB8m9WaapmyfsmA-9xYGhwEk0g17T3YdHqGvHoz5sjKUexpQHGvcloz8

Hatefulmurder – Brazil’s new metal menace!

For fans of Sepultura, Arch Enemy, Nervosa 

Hatefulmurder is defenitely one of the hottest bands in the brazilian metal scene right now! From sunny Rio de Janeiro , the band has been raising hell in the Christ the Redeemer city since 2008, the band already put out three full-length albums and two EPs and during all this time, played in many big festivals around Brazil, sharing the stage with bands of the like of the legendary Exodus !  

Since 2015, after the departure of vocalist Felipe Lameira , the group is fronted by the badass singer Angélica Burns , who brought a new sonic signature to the band and taking it to new heights! With her, the band released two records: Red Eyes (2017) and the amazing Reborn (2019). The latest one, still making headlines in metal publications around the globe, earning the band much deserved international recognition.  

Angélica joined Sepultura alongside Fernanda Lira ( Crypta and ex- Nervosa ) and Mayara Puertas ( Torture Squad ) at the special “ Sepulquarta ” a project lead by Sepultura with guest musicians during quarantine.  

Hatefulmurder has everything to make it big in the metal scene worldwide! Check em’ out and be careful to not get burned by their explosive mixture of thrash and death metal!  



Angélica Burns – vocals
Renan Ribeiro – guitars 

Felipe Modesto – bass 

Tomás Martin – drums  



No Peace (2014) 

Red Eyes (2017) 

Reborn (2019) 

The brazilian metal band,  Hatefulmurder , releases a tribute to Death's "The Philosopher". The original song's from the album "Individual Thought Patterns" released in 1993 by Relativity, Relapse Records. The video was made in a special model due to the social isolation caused by the coronavirus pandemic and is available on the band's YouTube channel.

Check out these videos as well! 

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