Inception Of Eternity - Into Darkness - Reviewed By Rockportaal Saturday August 29 2020, 3:19 PM
Inception Of Eternity - Into Darkness - Reviewed By  Rockportaal

A mysterious, dark mix of German medieval rock and Scandinavian symphonic metal makes for an interesting mix of gothic metal.

Thirteen dark and melodic songs are played under the direction of Thorsten Eligehausen. On the album singer Ken Pike (Absolon) provides the vocal support.

The album opens with The Inception Of Eternity, which is the introduction to a journey through a shadowy world. It's bulky but also sinister, involuntarily seeing an army of doctors marching in to combat the plague. Celtic influences are combined with melodic rock. Ashes To Ashes is a bit more up-tempo, and a bit darker. Whatever You Want is a dark poem bursting with despair, sung with a heavy, dark voice. Autumn has officially begun.

A nicely restrained piano intro is the prelude to Children From Hell with guest vocals from SINtana. The vocal jousting between male and female vocals sounds very good and takes it all from the Middle Ages to our era.

Beyond Sunrise guest stars guitarist Marc Vandenberg. It is a bit more up-tempo song compared to previous titles. My Mortiality is more towards electro-pop, although it still contains gothic elements. It is a nice ending to an impressive album. As an encore, there is a breathtaking acoustic version of Father, a version that gives some goosebumps. Recommended. Review by Rockportaal

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Release Information
Band / Artist  - Inception Of Eternity
Title -  Into Darkness
Type  - Album
Release -  21.08.2020 / August 21, 2020
Erhältlich als / available as Download, Streaming
Genre -  Gothic Rock / Symphonic Metal
Website -
Facebook  -
YouTube  -
EAN 4061707418372
Label darkSIGN-Records
Label-Code LC 83765


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