Veritas - Reviewed By The Median Man Wednesday August 26 2020, 7:16 PM
Veritas - Reviewed By The Median Man

Veritas’ new album Threads of Fatality  is an absolute blinder of an album.

Starting off with a haunting melody in “Prelude To Sacrament,” the journey continues throughout the album.

Songs such as “Frail,” “Love and Burn,” and “Far Away,” mix together an interesting composite of sharp riffs and soaring melodies, reminiscent of Dream Theater.

Then there are songs such as “Fates Warning,” “Say Goodbye,” and “Moments of The Day,” which force the listener to become contemplative. Songs which touch on the necessities of life without ever brimming into overbearing.

“Dying To Live,” brings the heaviness back, with a pounding bass line that truly captures the ghost.

And finishing off on “Masquerade,” and “It’s Over,” was a stroke of genius.

The album is out on 28th August.

Reviewed by The Median Man


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