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World Of Metal - August 2020

No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith

And here we are, a little bit more late than desired, but still here and still unloading loads and loads of content, i.e. reviews. You probably are on the beach getting your much deserved rest. If that's the case, good for you, this can wait until you get back. If that's not the case, well... join the club. At least we've got the music right? Not in the way we wish (live gigs as we were used to are still a far stretch from where we are standing now) but we do the best with what we have. Hope you're all ok and safe

Top 20 - Álbum do Mês /  Top 20 - Álbum Of The Month
U.D.O + Das Musikkorps Der Bundeswehr  - "We Are One" Stonebirds – “Collapse And Fail” Bulletbelt – “Warlords” DDENT – “Couvre Sang” Wanderer – “Awakening Force” Dkharmakhaoz – “Proclamation Ov The Black Suns” Drouth – “Excerpts From A Dread Liturgy” Temple Of Dread – “World Sacrifice” Sharptooth – “Transitional Forms” Snøgg – “Ritual Of The Sun” Thyrant – “Katabasis” Defeated Sanity – “The Sanguinary Impetus” Ten Foot Wizard – “Get Out Of Your Mind” Ice War – “Defender, Destroyer” Let Us Prey – “Virtues Of The Vicious” Primal Fear – “Metal Commando” Ensiferum – “Thalassic” Valkyrie – “Fear” Haken – “Virus” Gaerea – “Limbo”

6th Circle – “The Third Estate”
Aborted – “La Grande Masquerade”
Abyssous – “Mesa”
Ahab – “Live Prey”
Alex Henry Foster – “Lavender Sky”
An Evening With Knives – “Sense Of Gravity”
Anaxagor – “Anaxagor”
Anthropophagous – “Spoiled Marrow”
Arcaine – “Life Decays”
Astral Sleep – “Astral Doom Musick”
Atentado – “Beds Are Burning”
Avlid – “Ond Bråd Död”
Barren Womb – “Lizard Lounge”
Basttardos – “Nós Somos O Bando”
Bendida – “First Of The Heroes”
Black Jester – “The Divine Comedy”
Bob Dee With Petro – “Stun Gun”
Brain Stem – “Symptoms of Annihilation – Stage 2”
Bulb – “Archives Vol. 8”
Bythos – “The Womb Of Zero”
Cadaver – “D.G.A.F.”
Carnosus – “Dogma Of The Deceased”
Casa Loma – “This Is Coping”
Ceremonial Crypt Desecration  - “Anointed by the Crimson Veil”
Ceremonial Crypt Desecration – “Lupine Sacrilege Adorned in Rotting Flesh”
Ceremonial Crypt Desecration / Wampyric Rites  - "Split"
Chaosaint – “In The Name Of”
Creptum – “Vama”
Crust – “Watching Emptiness”
Cutthroat – “Reflekt”
Czarnobog – ““Sigils of War…”
Dark Sarah – “Grim”
Dead Bronco – “Driven By Frustration”
Dead Bronco – “The Annunciation”
Dead Tree Seeds – “Push The Button”
Dee Calhoun – “Godless”
Demise Of The Crown – “Life In The City”
Domjord – “Sporer”
Drakh – “Volcano One”
Drowned – “Damned Alive”
Ellen Siberian Tiger - “Cinderblock Cindy”
End – “Splinters From An Ever Changing Face”
Enepsigos – “Wrath of Wraths”
En-Stigma – “Reforming The Universe”
Eulogy – “Memento Mori”
Evilon – “Leviathan”
Exhumed / Gruesome – “Twisted Horror”
Eyelids – “Scars Under The Snow”
F.U.A. – “Socially Transmitted Disease”
Feuerschwanz – “Das Elfte Gebot”
Fixation – “Global Suicide”
Fovitron – “Altar Of Whispers”
Fractured Insanity – “Massive Human Failure”
From The Dust Returned – “Seven Days Long Wait”
Gaylord – “Wings of the Joyful”
Geschlecht – “New Load Continue”
Gnaw Their Tongues – “I Speak The Truth, Yet With Every Word Uttered, Thousands Die”
Golden Ashes – “In The Lugubrious Silence Of Eternal Night”
Gomorra – “Divine Judgement”
Gorilla – “Rock Our Souls”
Gravekeepers – “Gravekeepers”
Gyze – “The Rising Dragon”
Halysis – “Cerulean”
Heboïdophrenie – “Cannibalism For Dummies”
Heil To The Empire – “Materia”
Heimdall – “The Temple Of Theil”
Heist 2-11 – “Fight”  
Hellbound – “Overlords”
Helvinsonfire – “Demo 2001”
Holding Absence – “Gravity/Birdcage”
Honeychain – “Pocket Full Of Good Luck”
Horisont – “Sudden Death”
Horizon Of The Mute – “Voidscape”
Hyperia – “Insanitorium”
Ilienses Tree – “Till Autumn Comes”
Illumishade – “Eclyptic: Wake Of The Shadows”
Imperial Domain – “The Deluge”
Inhuman – “Unseen Dead”
Intense– “Songs Of A Broken Future”
Irae – “Lurking in the Depths”
Joviac – “Here And Now”
Kahalari – “Theia”
Kanseil – “Cant Del Corlo”
Kick Me Out – “No Puppets”
Kingnomad – “Sagan Om Rymden”
Last Frontier – “Aether: Equivalent Exchange”
Leftover Bullets – “Tell Mama We’re Doing Ok”
Lizzy Farrall – “Bruise”
Lord Of Light – “Morningstar”
Lord Of The Lost – “Swan Songs III”
Lord Vigo – “Danse De Noir”
Malleus – “Your Nightmare Calls”
Many Blessings – “Emanation Body”
Mara – “Self-Destruct Survive Thrive”
Mara – “Therapy For An Empath”
Marthe – “Sisters Of Darkness”
Martyr – “Fists Of Iron”
Martyr – “Highway Warriors”
Mass Sky Raid – “Science Of Fiction”
Mechanik War III – “Divine Annihilation”
Membaris – “Misanthrosophie”
Mercury Circle – “The Dawn Of Vitriol”
Metadevice – “Fallen Outside Of Memory”
Mike Litoris Complot – “The Six Whoresmen”
Moonlight Desires – “At The Movies”
Mosaic – “Harvest: Songs Of Autumnal Landscapes And Melancholy”
Murro – “Demo 2020”
Muscipula – “Little Chasm Of Horrors”
My Own Private Alaska – “Amen”
Necro Chaos – “Spiral of Obscurity”
Necrophiliac – “No Living Man Is Innocent”
Neorhythm – "Terrastory"
Neumatic Parlo – “All Purpose Slicer”
Nite – “Darkness Silence Mirror Flame”
Nobody – “Atmosfear”
Nocturnal Prayer – “Advance On Weakened Foes”
Omegavortex – “Promo 2018”
Orgg – “The Great White War”
Ötzi – “Storm”
Our Pond – “Paraphernalia”
Outlaws – “Dixie Highway”
Perfect NME – “Remains To Be Seen”
Phil Stiles – “The Anchorite”
Pilori – “À Nos Morts”
Pogendroblem – “Ich – Wir”
Poison Asp – “Beyond The Walls Of Sleep – The Complete Work”
Powerhouse – “Adrenaline”
Profeci – “Matecznik”
Pyrior – “Fusion”
Rainium – “Sounds Of Berlin”
Rattack – “Demo 2008”
Re-Armed – “Ignis Aeternum”
Red Hour – “Mob Mentality”
Rockolith – “Hot Summer Dreams”
Rope Sect – “The Great Flood”
RRRags – “Hight Protein
Rumahoy – “Time II: Party”
Runespell – “Order of Vengeance”
Ryte – “Ryte”
Saltas – “Mors Salis: Opus I”
Sarcófago – “Hate”
Satanjinhos – “Rock Cabeça Sessions”
Schizogen – “Spawn Of Almighty Essence”
SepticFlesh – “Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX”
Serocs – “Vore”
Skeleton – “Skeleton”
Social Scream – “Organic Mindset”
Solipsism – “Trhliny v (ne)skutočnosti”
Solitary Sabred – “By Fire & Brimstone”
Steve Hackett – “Genesis Revisited: Live At The Royal Albert Hall”
Sublevel – “Demo 1996”
Svart Crown – “Wolves Among The Ashes”
Svin – “Virgin Cuts”
The Alpha Structure – “7 Deadly Sins”
The Black Legacy – “Black Flower”
The Medea Project – “Sisyphus”
The Nest – “Ad Astra”
The Outliers – “Dissipating Eternity”
The Ruins – “Creature”
The Vice – “White Teeth Rebellion”
Then Falls The Sky – “Set On Rising”
Titaan – “ITIMA”
Tragedy Mask – “Theatrum Tragoedia”
Turbo Distortion – “Les Flammes De L’Enfer”
Twentyinchburial – “LXMC”
Twitch Of The Death Nerve – “A Resting Place For The Wrathful”
Tyrant – “Hereafter”
Unsafe – “Mankind”
Urze de Lume – “Histórias de Lobos - Entre O Lume E A Escuridão”
V/Haze Miasma – “Agenda: Endure”
Vader – “Solitude In Madness”
Val Tvoar – “Today Is Tomorrow’s Yesterday”
Velvet Ocean  - “Purposes And Promises”
Verbal Razors – “By Thunder And Lightning”
Waves Like Walls – “Waves Like Walls”
Witchmoon – “Imprecation Of Unbeing”
Withering Surface – “Meet Your Maker”
WuW – “Rétablir L´Éternité”
Yesterday I Lived – “Yesterday I Lived”
Zolle – “Macello”

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