The Uneven Featured On Kitchen Sink Kaos Vol. 6! Sunday August 16 2020, 9:47 AM
The Uneven Featured On Kitchen Sink Kaos Vol. 6!

Andrew steps in last minute for Gari, and has chosen to concentrate on New Releases and Submissions with a pinch of his own select cuts, we hope you enjoy the show.

Debut Date - 16/8/20
Show - Kitchen Sink Kaos Volume 6
Presenter - Andrew
Track List -

Devildriver - Nest Of Vipers
Cancer (AU) - The Dreamer
Second To Sun - Shaitan
Unleash The Archers - The Matriach
Amaranthe - Strong
Amored Saint - End Of The Attention Span
Manticora - Slaughter In The Desert Room
The Uneven - No More Violations
A Ghost Orchestra - Bad Blood
Thrasherwolf - The Vortex
Pallbearer - Right Of Passage
Die Kreatur - Gott Verdammt
They Called Him Zone - If You've Got A Taste For Terror
Eva Plays Dead - Get Back
Moonspell - The Last Of Us
Delain - Fire With Fire
Hammerfall - Never Forgive, Never Forget (live)
Kamelot - Under Grey Skies (live)
Ruff Majik - The Devil's Cattle
Orbital Junction - 6 Ft 2
Dead Man's Whiskey - This Fight
PerfecrParachutePicture - Working Machine
Cenotafia - La Sentencia Y La Plaga
The Unguided - Crown Prince Syndrome
The Dust Coda - Weakness
Queensryche - Dark Reverie

Go HERE to check out more info about  "The Uneven"!

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