5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying CBD for Your First Time Monday August 10 2020, 5:37 PM
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying CBD for Your First Time

In 2019, the demand for the CBD was projected to be $7.1 billion. The usage of CBD is on an upward trajectory and industry reports predict it will reach $9.3 billion by 2020

As the industry booms, many players are joining the industry. Sadly, they aren't all legal. Moreover, being a relatively new product on the market, it can be challenging to buy CBD products online. 

CBD products are popular for their therapeutic benefits, and finding the right product requires spending a lot of time in research. 

But we’ll make it easier for you with our top 5 mistakes that you should avoid when buying products like CBD edibles online

1. Buying Cheap Products

It's tempting to go for cheap products especially if you’re on a tight budget. Remember, quality matters. Don’t let spending a little more money stop you from getting quality goods.

Producing CBD oil is an expensive process. The high cost of production is part of what makes the prices rise. Any seller with unreasonably low prices should be a red flag.

One way to notice scam CBD products is huge discounts over an extended period. Of course, many vendors offer discounts once in a while, but they are usually limited and subject to special conditions. 

The problem with buying items of poor quality is that, in the long run, you will end up paying more. That's because they're less effective and you may need to get more as you're expecting results. 

Additionally, low-quality products can endanger your health (or the safety of your pet for pet-friendly CBD products)). So, buy only from credible sellers where the quality is guaranteed. 

This leads us to our next point. 

2. Buying from Untrusted Sellers

If you’re buying from a retail dispensary, you can just walk in and judge from the impression if they are legit. That’s not the case with online purchases. It's an easy way to get CBD products, but can be hectic if you’re not careful. 

With the CBD boom, there are many online vendors of which some are cons. Apart from the safety of the products, how they protect your data also counts. 

Here are crucial tips that’ll help you avoid getting scammed online:

  • Only buy from reputable or familiar websites. 
  • Make sure the site is safely encrypted with the Secure Socket Layer ( SSL). Just look for sites whose URL begins with HTTPS. 
  • Be cautious when you include personal information such as credit card details or bank details. Provide the necessary information only. 
  • Check the seller’s reviews online. Just type the name of the site on Google and check what other customers are saying. If you see complaints about failure to deliver orders, wrong product delivery, or bad customer service, be alert.
  • Go through their policies. Do they have reasonable return policies?
  • Check that they are using popular payment services, such as Amazon Pay or PayPal.

Another way of knowing whether the seller is trustworthy is to check for third-party quality testing lab reports . All legal sellers provide lab analysis reports from independent agencies to buyers. Remember the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) still doesn’t regulate CBD products. A lab report will help you verify the details on the labels. 

If the information available online doesn't satisfy you, consider contacting the seller for clarification. Never proceed with placing an order before you feel confident that they are trustworthy. 

3. Failing To Read the Label


Reading the label seems obvious, but many new buyers forget too. CBD manufacturers and distributors are required to properly label their products with useful information. Some of the information included are product purity, type of strain, and THC content.

This information doesn't just help you to confirm quality. Use it to identify if the product is suitable for your case. 

The good thing is that the information provided is easy to understand. If something is unclear, make sure to consult your doctor or contact the manufacturer. 

4. Not Doing A Quality Check

It's all about quality when buying CBD products. That’s why we strongly recommend that you run a background check. Apart from the manufacturer’s background, you want to find out how the products are prepared. 

What makes a big difference when it comes to quality is the extraction method. So, some knowledge of the common extraction methods is necessary. Again, these methods can be expensive, which tempts illegitimate manufacturers to use shortcuts. 

The extraction techniques and level of technology used tells a lot about the end products.

Also, where they source their CBD should interest you. 

5. Starting off with the Highest Potency

Despite how high your expectations are, starting with CBD products with the highest strength is not a great idea.

That’s because your body is still new and sensitive to CBD’s effects as you start. A low dose of CBD is enough for you to feel the effects.

You can start low and gradually increase the dose as you take note of the effects. Once you establish a suitable dose for your conditions, stick to it. 

So, always go for products with potency when buying CBD for the first time. CBD is safe but may cause mild side effects like dizziness, sedation, diarrhea, or mouth dryness when not used properly. 


The CBD market is largely unregulated. That leaves loopholes that unscrupulous vendors might try to exploit. That means it's up to you to ensure that you get quality goods. 

There’s lots of information about CBD online that you can use to educate yourself first. Avoiding potential mistakes is easier when you have a good knowledge of the CBD industry.

Following these 5 guidelines will help you to avoid falling into a trap to scam vendors. They give you the confidence you need and how to identify the best products. Make sure to do more research on the subject to increase your knowledge.

You can now go-ahead to make a purchase using our guidelines and choose the right seller and quality CBD products. Gold Bee

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