News: Shardana Signs With Rafchild Records Monday August 10 2020, 6:31 PM
News: Shardana Signs With Rafchild Records

SHARDANA Signs With Rafchild Records, New Album Coming Soon

Hoist your sails and start raiding the Mediterrannean with us, because
Sardinian epic metallers SHARDANA have joined the Rafchild fleet!
Named after the ancient sardinian pirates who ruled the Mediterrannean
and made their home island a force to be reckoned with in antiquity,
the group has created a style all to their own somewhere between epic
metal, black metal and traditional folk influences, partly sung in
their native sardinian language. Their second full-length album "Milli
Annos" is ready to overrun you and will be out on CD very soon, with
an LP release coming somewhat later. Stay tuned for a first taste and
more details in the near future.

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