SCARS - Band comments on new album “Predatory” in exclusive series (Part 8) Saturday August 1 2020, 3:05 PM
SCARS - Band comments on new album “Predatory” in exclusive series (Part 8)

“Predatory” , the long-awaited return album by SCARS thrashers , whose release date is August 7 via Brutal Records / Sony Music Entertainment (USA / Canada), Proper Music (Europe) and Voice Music (Brazil), comes receiving excellent reviews from the specialized press that has had full access to the work.

Many positive reviews are being published and also duly shared on the band's official page and, for this reason, the Metal Na Lata website, together with the band's advisory, JZ Press , will publish a series weekly with comments from the five members of the band, Regis F. (vocals), Alex Zeraib (base guitar), Thiago Oliveir a (solo guitar), Marcelo Mitché (bass) and João Gobo (drums), about all the songs, and in the order they were arranged on the album !

Subjects such as lyrics, compositions, influences, curiosities, ideas and etc. will be addressed, that is, if the fans' anxiety was already great, it will be even greater!

06/10 - Predatory
08/17 - These Bloody Days
06/24 - Ancient Power
07/07 - Sad Darkness Of The Soul
07/08 - The Unsung Requiem (Instrumental)
07/15 - Ghostly Shadows
07/22 - The 72 Faces Of God
07/29 - Beyond The Valley Of Despair

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08/05 - Violent Show
07/08 - Official launch of “Predatory” !!!

The tracks "Armageddon" and "Silent Force" will not be commented on as they are digital singles released last year and present here as bonus tracks.

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"Killing Animals, Burning Forests, Flaming Rivers - The Tears of Gaia."


“Ultimate Encore” (Split / 1994)
“The Nether Hell” (EP / 2005)
“Devilgod Alliance” (Album / 2008)
“Armageddon” (Single Digital / 2019)
“Silent Force” (Single Digital / 2019)
“Armageddon On Tour” (Digital Compilation / 2019)
“The V8 Sessions: Vol.1” (Live) (Digital / 2019)
“Predatory” (Album / 2020)

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