New Promo: Michael Fulkerson - The Death Of My Soul - (Experimental, Industrial Metal) Sunday October 10 2021, 10:54 AM
New Promo: Michael Fulkerson - The Death Of My Soul - (Experimental, Industrial Metal)

Release Date: September 9, 2021

FFO: Mr. Bungle, Devin Townsend Project, Ministry

With The Death of my Soul Album, Michael Fulkerson literally rips the lid off experimental territory with this album. Deep, driving guitar riffs, a myriad of drums, mixing keyboards for a nice touch, having NO influences, the album has many traces. Metal Rap Core at most, with Nu Metal and Trap Metal influences,  however, Metal Pitbull Thug has Black Metal elements. Popstar Into a Metal Head literally rips the lid off Pop music, sounds deep and mixing pop with Metal. His vocals are a mixture of speech, rock and rapping. An album for music history buffs, and those wanting something new to listen to, it is sure to please the senses. A new, different style of Metal just screaming for it’s own genre.

Michael Fulkerson is profound deaf in both ears, but, can hear with the assistance of hearing aids. He first studied music in school in the first grade, and by sixth grade, was playing the guitars and keyboards. He currently lives in Gothenburg, Nebraska, a solo artist, 46 years old. He is a Boxing and Martial Arts enthusiast, having drawing much of his style from a dark history in his life.

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