BUCKETHEAD Finally Explains Why He Has A Bucket on His Head Sunday October 22 2017, 9:54 PM
BUCKETHEAD Finally Explains Why He Has A Bucket on His Head

"It sort of happened… It wasn't something I really thought about. I was eating – it was actually a different chicken company, I don't really know what it was – I was eating it and I thought… I had that mask, kind of like Michael Myers, it had a similar quality, but it wasn't exactly the same size.

"I just put it on my head and I looked in the mirror. And I was like 'That's Buckethead.' And then my friend went to school, he was going to college and he had video class and he filmed me. And I knew this guitar player, his name is Jim Gore. He really is the one I feel I owe a lot to. He encouraged me to do it, 'You should just go be Buckethead, go play!'

"Because I was always super scared to play, and I didn't really link that together, I just thought 'This is weird.' Like a horror movie guy. And when he saw it he was like 'You should just go for it!' I was like 'That would be cool.' Because I could do everything I liked doing as this character that I'm totally scared to death to do otherwise. And it applied to all the stuff I like, like Disneyland and martial arts and dancing, all that stuff I liked. I was like, 'I can't do it just like me.' It was a great way to get all the stuff out."

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