NEKUS stream BLOOD HARVEST debut mini-album at Wednesday July 15 2020, 10:57 PM
NEKUS stream BLOOD HARVEST debut mini-album at

Today, Teutonic death cult Nekus stream the entirety of their highly anticipated debut mini-album,  Death Nova Upon the Barren Harvest , at heavily trafficked web-portal . Set for international release on July 17th via Blood Harvest Records for the CD and cassette tape formats - the 12" vinyl version will be released on August 28th - hear Nekus' Death Nova Upon the Barren Harvest in its entirety exclusively  HERE .

A brand-new formation hailing from Germany, it's not surprising that Nekus have thus far been cloaked in darkness: truly, their Metal of Death is bottomless in its depths. To experience this band is to plunge oneself into ichorous, unknowable DARKNESS; it's all-caps DEATH METAL shot straight from (and back into) The Void.

With literally no warning whatsoever, from that Void arrives Nekus' debut recording, Death Nova Upon the Barren Harvest: a title portending its contents to an almost absurd degree. Throughout the course of its four-song/28-minute runtime, Nekus' mini-album pushes and plunders the most desolate expanses of what "death metal" is and especially could be, taking a paradoxically avant-garde approach to total caveman constructions. Riffs do indeed exist here in these expanses, unlike so much other "cavernous" death metal; they blanket and then suffocate the listener with sepulchral horror, as atmospheric as they are attacking. Below-the-gutter/above-the- cosmos voice congeals into that sickening riffery to create a most unsettling soundfield, with each epic-yet-not track deliriously dragging the listener to and fro, defiling sanity and subconscious alike. And to think...this is but a mere start for Nekus.

Wrapped in a hellishly humid and completely analog production, with suitably shadow-draped artwork to boot, Nekus' Death Nova Upon the Barren Harvest is the glorious beginning of the END.

Fully face that glorious end exclusively  HERE , courtesy of Preorder info can be found  HERE . Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

Tracklisting for Nekus' Death Nova Upon the Barren Harvest
1. Devouring Mills
2. Putrid Harvester
3. Necromancer's Death Chant
4. Dagger of the Corrupter



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