"HELLGARDEN" from CHILE Members Embroiled In Legal Battle Over Rights To Band Name! Sunday July 5 2020, 9:31 PM
"HELLGARDEN" from CHILE Members Embroiled In Legal Battle Over Rights To Band Name!

According to HELLGARDEN from South America members of the legendary Chile black metal band HELLGARDEN are embroiled in a legal battle over the HELLGARDEN trademark.

Youtube Channel from Hellgarden from Chile:

The Brazilian group's s ( Diego Pascuci - Vocals, Caick Gabriel - Guitar, Matheus Barreiros - Drums, Guilherme Biondo - Bass) has attempted to claim rights to the HELLGADERN name in Brazil via his sole proprietorship.

Youtube channel from HellgardeN from Brazil:

The purpose of trademarks is to protect consumers so that when you buy, for example, a album with a band name on it, you know it's the right musician "band" group; it's to help musician's worldwide protect their ownership rights, and to facilitate the smooth flow of commerce across the country and internationally.


HellgardeN from Brazil The band is known for a visceral energy and powerful live performances mixing that with 80’s and 90’s metal scene influence. Formed in 2015. The members Caick Gabriel (Guitars) and Matheus Barreiros (Drums) have been playing together since they were 11, 12 years old, later joinning forces with another friend of the local scene Diego Pascuci (Vocals) in 2015. This was the beginning of what would become HellgardeN in 2017. In 2017/2018 the band made a lot of live performances in Brazil playing in important festivals, alongside big names of Worldwide metal scene. While composing the album in parallel. In 2018, HellgardeN travels to state of Rio de Janeiro in Petrópolis city to record their first album, “Making Noise, Living Fast”, at the ForestLab Studios with the producer Lisciel Franco. This album was recorded straight to Tape. The band spit all their energy into each song of that recording becoming the first album ‘’Making Noise, Living Fast’’.


Band Members:

Diego Pascuci
Caick Gabriel
Matheus Barreiros
Guilherme Biondo

Hometown: Brazil

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